Beyond Terror Beyond Grace - NadirIt’s an enormously exciting time to be a metal fan at the moment. Almost every sub-genre is producing ground breaking acts, bands that are innovating, breaking down orthodoxy and creating something genuinely exciting. The internet and the preponderance of quality blogs, the ease of access to labels and musicians and the number of monthly, weekly and daily gigs means that we really are spoilt for choice. There are so many amazing things happening in our scene right now that it’s almost impossible to keep up.

Which leads to the only rational response to Beyond Terror Beyond Grace and their flaccid new album “Nadir” being an open-mouthed, furrow-browed “Why?”

Where to start? There are no riffs. There are no riffs, and yet the first three tracks on the album are over 08:00 minutes long. This is roughly the amount of time needed to lose all will to live, renounce all interest in the entire strata of music and essentially question one’s entire existence. Having then decided to take a bad template and make it much worse, BTBG feed this into the most artificial, lifeless production possible, compressing any potential warmth completely out of the sound. All of this is compounded by Blake Simpson, delivering a vocal performance that will invoke feelings of amusement and pity in equal measure. The complete lack of passion extends here and it’s the most tedious scream-by-numbers display possible.

This is a bad album, by a bad band. There is no possible world that exists where anybody would actively seek this out, but it’s entirely possible that by some catastrophic alignment of the stars, some awful conjunction of prophecies or some unfortunate bout of karmic retribution an innocent victim could find this inflicted upon them. If such a thing is to happen, utilise the opportunity to think about the previous misdeeds you have engaged in that have lead you to this point. Grow from the experience.

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