Beyond All Recognition - Drop = Dead [Review]Beyond All Recognition released their debut album “Drop = Dead” through Napalm Records. Their genre is dubbed “dubcore”, “dubstep”, or “dub-whatever flavour this week”. How generic. It’s ill fitting to what David Sohr (vocals), David Eriksen (guitar), Paul Gidlof (guitar), Pontus Bergstrom Warren (bass), and Edwin Jannsson (drums) have achieved with the making of “Drop = Dead”.

The opening track, ‘Characters’ is a shocking display of musical tastes. There are heavy metal riffs, growly vocals, ethereal keyboards, fast drumming and then it just dissolves into metaphysical chaos. It’s the perfect soundtrack to playing any first person shooter on the XBox360 (Call of Duty being my personal favourite). The coalation of musical stylings invoke blood shed and battle.

In comparison (for a few brief moments in the composition) ‘What We’ll Die To Defend’ is a black light, DJ scratching, rave fest. It’s still heavy as all get out. Why this works, I don’t know. All I know is that it works. What also works in a scratch my head in wonder kind of way is the song ‘True Story’. It’s part Atari 64 bit, part Nosferatu, part Ministry: all sonically pleasing.

The title track, ‘Drop = Dead’, is a heady mixture of synth pop, psychedelic meanderings, screamo vocals, ELP on a bad acid trip, and heavy metal. It’s truly a trip and a half. I like Beyond All Recognition‘s album “Drop = Dead” so much because I’m a video game geek. I love anime. I grew up in the 70s with the acid induced laser light shows, Frank Zappa, and experimental music. Very few artists these days push the boundaries when it comes to making music. They play it safe. Bands like Beyond All Recognition are trailblazers.

Another stand out track, is ‘Smoke and Mirrors’. It starts out in Korn territory and leaves just as quickly as it arrived. There is this freaky electronica break down a minute into the song and then it careens into Underworld Soundtrack territory before chucking some heavy ass riffs at you. Then the process starts all over again. The guitar solo is particularly choice as it swims inside some heavy drumming, over powering keyboards, and just heavy (Have I said mentioned they were heavy before?) sampling. Yes, the song is heavy. What’s even more bitchin is that they include as track 11 a ‘Smoke And Mirrors’ remix that is entitled ‘Dirty n Twisted’. Need I say more?

Beyond All Recognition‘s debut album is freaky and psychedelic. It’s groovy and new wave. “Drop =Dead” has something for everybody, provided you have an open mind about music. Beyond All Recognition combined a few musical genre’s to make “Drop = Dead” a unique sounding almost but not quite totally unlike 80s dance fusion metal synth album. You would expect nothing less from a band hailing from Sweden. If mind expanding music is not your thing, you may think this album all over the place. If you like to be surprised and challenged in your musical daliences, then “Drop = Dead” is your cup of tea.

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