Below The Fall - FutileWest Berkshire based band Below The Fall are back with a whopping 5 track EP entitled “Futile” which they released in March this year. The band has only released 150 copies of this EP, so if you want one you better get in quick. But before you do, see what TINAS thought of this EP.

Kicking off this generous five track EP is the bands single ‘Shelter’ which composes of bouncy drum beats and a melodic twang from the guitar. Similar to this track is ‘Futile’ which gives of an early Placebo vibe with the slow, meaningful vocals this track is an exquisite ballad that plays on the heart strings.

The raw, droning tracks that are ‘Shallow Flood’ and ‘Framed’ offer these raunchy, heavy ripples from the bass before breaking into that anthemic choruses, highlighting the elongated notes sung by vocalist Dan Hunter with subtlety and intricacy.

However, although these are great songs and there is clearly great talent in this band, there is nothing new or unique here. If you’re a fan of 30 Seconds To Mars then you will probably love this band as their sound is very similar. We encourage Below The Fall to stick at it and bring us a new album with a little bit more of an edge to it, but for a budding band like this, “Futile” is a great start.

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