Bedemon - Symphony of ShadowsBedemon is an old school US doom metal band with strong ties to early Pentagram, their latest work, “Symphony of Shadows”, has been a decade in the making and is their first stab at new material for these doomsters. Set with that distinct early US doom fuzzed out sound reminiscent of Pentagram (no shock here), Trouble, and early Saint Vitus.

One could fill the next three pages with the biography and pedigree of Bedemon but in the end its about the release. “Symphony of Shadows” does an incredible job of capturing the 70’s style of old school US doom sound. It captures that nostalgic groove and captures it well. From the first notes of ‘Saviour’ we are treated to a fine soundscape of hooks, grooves, and vocals of times gone by. As the likes of Conan and Ahab add to the slow trudge of the current doom genre, Spaniards Horn of the Rhino show that this genre need not come only from Sweden, US, or the UK. These three bring back to the forefront a real roots sound.

As reviewers, we banty about words like progressive and development all subjective and in the end all opinions and you know what they say about opinions. Bedemon may not be pushing any boundaries here but in the end their release is packed with nine hard driving tracks, no fillers in the lot. ‘Hopeless’ near the end displays some of their finer qualities, with pounding riffs, just the right amount of fuzz, perfect beat, what sounds like a Christopher Walken inspired cowbell in there, nicely executed 70’s style guitar solos. In short, it has everything including the kitchen sink packed into this track.

Another fine example of this landscape they have carved is ‘D.E.D’. A great mix of tempos, nice blend of instrumentation. Craig’s vocals are in perfect form on this track as well as all the tracks. Remember, I mentioned there are no fillers or duds here on this release. The bands inactivity certainly does not show here on “Symphony of Shadows”.

If I tried to work my way through a track by track and riff by riff analysis, I would run out of adjectives and synonyms really quick. In short this is a heavy release by what can only be described as masters of the original US doom sound. This is a must for all serious doom metal aficionados, well, forget that this is a must for any metal head out there. For those of you that may say their sound is outdated, pffft, it’s great music well executed and produced and you cant argue with good music, especially if it’s good doom metal.

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