Bateman - Ultra ViolenceIt’s always a bit difficult to gauge a band – especially a new or unknown band – on the strength of a four-track EP alone. However, if Australian hardcore unit Bateman are as ferocious and heavy on stage as they are on this EP then they may just have the makings of a bright future outside of their native homeland.

First track ‘Fangbanger’ is a nasty slab of pure punk rock fury as the band strike up a catchy riff and some hard-as-nails vocals that reminds of a slightly less sneery Pitchshifter in places. ‘Like Clockwork’ is less memorable but still a powerhouse of aggression that turns into a breakdown during its final part.

The raging ‘Scalpel/Sledgehammer’ is perhaps the best song here, the bottom-end of the bass and guitars massively heavy over the thrashing verse and melodic chorus before it chugs its way to a doomy-slow riff at its climax. ‘Thievery’ opens up with a Deftones-style groove and rolls along like a hardcore version of something from “Around The Fur”, only the brutal bits are more brutal and the melodic parts offering a bigger contrast to the mayhem going on around them.

Apparently getting some great live reviews from Down Under, on this evidence Bateman look like setting themselves up for some exciting things ahead. Hopefully, a full-length album is on the cards and, along with some support slots, the rest of the world will be able to catch up. All in all, a promising start.

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