Baddies - BuildAfter a gruellingly long couple of years for alternative rock band Baddies, the band are back with their second album “Build” which will be released on June 18th, 2012 via Medical records. After touring the world, playing big festivals such as Reading and Glastonbury, and even seeing themselves playing in Japan, this album is about turning the page from the old one, and starting a new chapter.

The new album by Baddies features new ideas, with old sounds, keeping their unique and individual taste but with a fresher, edgier twist.

The first track by these four boys in uniform is their single ‘Rewire’ which offers a superhero/Tetris themed anthem, with electronic riffs and funky, pop beats. With the indie riffs and the Franz Ferdinand style singing, on top of the electronic tone from the synthesizers, this band offer nothing but an alternative, individual sound.

If The Beatles were still here today, they would sound a little like the track ‘Man Made Man’ but with a more modern twist, whereas their track ‘Mind Machines’ sounds like an electrified version of Queens Of The Stone Age. The similarities between Baddies and other influential and iconic bands over the years spread across this album in a vast scale of diversity. There is no way of possibly feeling bored when listening to this album, as each track offers something different and equally as strong as the last one.

When the track ‘The Lightmen’ begins to play, this playful and humble sounding band begin to show their edgier side, with deep growling beats.

‘Centurion’ and ‘Talk To Germany’ offer head banging, fist punching beats that can’t be ignored. With every inch of this album set to get your body moving, these last few efforts perform that motive with ease.

For a little bit of colour, and something jumpy and toe tapping to add to your collection, we definitely recommend this album for you this summer. If you like any of the bands mentioned above, you will definitely like Baddies.

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