It’s about that time again, black thrash is back and so is the ugliest band in the world! Yes, Aura Noir are at it again with their 5th full-length album titled “Out To Die”, an album title like that sure does set it up nicely. I personally have been waiting for this album for 2 or 3 years now, the masters of black thrash are back with a vengeance. The track listing was released a while back and that got me really excited. So finally the album has been set for release on the 23rd of March. As some of you know, Aura Noir are considered the pioneers of the black thrash movement, influencing many bands of this extreme sub-genre, bands like Condor (which is also an Aura Noir song), Assaulter and of course Nekromantheon to name but a few.

So getting right into the thick of it, the album kicks off with a track titled “Trenches”. The track starts with what is almost a classic feedback technique which gives it that rawness one would expect before the assault on your sense begins, about a few seconds in we already have a solo, so there is an element of surprise to this track. This sets the rest of the album up for a lot of variety. There is a rather different approach to the lyrical style to this specific track, but fear not, it is filled with classic black thrash riffs, which the band has become infamous for since they started with black thrash attack. So we are perfectly poised for an album of extremity? The answer is yes, the troops of hell and doom do not disappoint.

Lyrical aspects of the album is pretty much still the same as before… evil, blasphemy, death and darkness. All the songs are amazing in their own right, one that really stood out for me was “The Grin from the Gallows” when I saw the track listing and when I listened to the album for the first time. The song kicks off with a really slow opening riff accompanied by the symbols, which does give it a new direction all together before the nails-on-chalkboard-like vocals kick in. It then breaks into more of a thrashy rhythm followed by a mini solo, which shows off the showmanship of the band. Even though the track is a bit slower than the rest of that on the album, it will send shivers down your spine. A symphony of fear and death blare from your sound system as sets a rather morbid atmosphere. They stay true to the lyrical style. This song in my opinion is the best on the album.

It was really interesting to listen to the track titled “Priest’s Hellish Fiend”. This track kicks off with a of drum intro that reminds me of Metallica’s first ever song titled “Hit The lights” before you are reminded that this is Aura Noir by the malicious intent with which the riffs are played and crushed by the drumming. The album really does build from the very start and gets to the climax in some style, the words “Blasphemer” rings from Apollyon’s microphone followed by an awesome short solo, like only blasphemer can. The congregation of bitter souls then builds up again before breaking into an Aura Noir-esque riff work as the words “Priest’s Hellish Fiend” rings your ears. We are the treated to another amazing solo, which really does put them above any other black thrash band. The track has a way of building and building before you are rewarded with some really inspirational music showmanship from the black thrash maniacs. Excellent track.

With many other tracks to choose from, such as “Fed to the Flames”, “Abbadon”, “Deathwish”, “Out To Die” it was really hard to pick 3 tracks that stood out as they are all excellent. The album consists of 8 tracks of pure black thrash attack on your senses. The album is about 33 minutes long.

As a fan of their work, I really did expect a crushing album, I can say with all honesty that my expectations were met and I was absolutely blown away by the Norwegian black thrashers. I would highly recommend this album to all fans of extreme metal, from the thrash to death to black metal. Excellent record.

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