Other than mistaking the artwork of this album to be something more…promiscuous, than what it is, this is an conventional piece of work by the crabcore candid’s that is Attack Attack!.

With “This Means War” being the third studio album by the metalcore monsters, significantly, it’s not as strong as its previous descendants, but still without showing any signs of weakness in the band as a whole. Having reached number 11 on the Billboard 200 chart and selling over 17,000 copies in its first weak, it must have some unique qualities as to why it is so successful, and when listening to this album twice or three times over, you begin to understand why that is.

Beginning this album is the boisterous ‘The Revolution’ which delivers regular dropping beats from the guitar and catchy choruses. First time round, it sounds just like every other metalcore song with fiery riffs and a beat that drops and symbols that crash. But then you hear this tickling beat which is almost enchanting underneath all that.

Every song on this album is equally as compelling and catastrophic as the next. With the grumbling guitars in ‘The Hopeless’ and the nerve-racking vocals in ‘The Abduction’, this indecipherable album is difficult to get accustomed too.

With names like ‘The Wretched’ and ‘The Confrontation’ there is no surprise to hear powerful, loathsome lyrics, which is just what you expect from a well-established band like Attack Attack! But as predictable as this album may be, there is the odd song that stands out, with the elegant piano’s opening ‘The Motivation’ before dropping into this thunderous rage, is makes this album sound incoherent and jumbled. Nonetheless, the bouncy chorus and rippling guitars make this track stand out amongst the rest, like a diamond in a sack of coal.

This is generic metalcore. If you like to piss off your street with reckless, wild warbling then this is the album to play on full power. But if you otherwise want something new and exciting to your playlist, this doesn’t quite make the cut. It could be improved, but it also grows on you. So overall, pretty standard.

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