Appalachian Terror Unit - Black Sands EPArmed with a kick-ass moniker and a fine line in frantic, dirty thrash metal, Appalachian Terror Unit are back after last years’ split with Oi Polloi to ignite many a drunken circle-pit with their new EP ‘Black Sands.’

Opening track ‘Shocked, Shackled and Hanged’ starts off slowly before a brief squealing effect heralds the arrival of a Municipal Waste worshipping riff that’ll have the beer bongs and white hi-tops out in force. ‘The End of Complacency’ offers a more mature approach with vocals alternating between Tony Foresta style snottiness and the blunt, menacing tones of Roger Miret over a circling intro riff before all hell breaks loose two minutes in with the simple Lich King style crossover attack, leaving you with no doubt that Appalachian Terror Unit aren’t here to blow your mind, unless it’s with a well-timed boogie board blow to the head.

‘Lost in the Darkness’ sounds like Poison Idea covering Disrupt and if you imagine that to be drunken and belligerent you’d be right. Final track ‘Black Sands’ is a straight-ahead metal number which chugs along like vintage Exodus before launching into a whiplash-inducing thrash assault that you’ve heard a million times before but still serves its purpose in making your head jiggle like an over-enthusiastic puppet.

Appalachian Terror Unit have turned up a little late for the thrash revivalist party but don’t appear to care, despite the room being a tad overpopulated. Who knows, an improvement in the songwriting may mean that their keg gets tapped ahead of their passed-out peers.

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