Antropofagus - Architecture of LustPeople not into death metal commonly can’t understand why some of us love this style – A common refrain I’ve heard from metal heads who don’t listen to death is “I like the music but hate the vocals…”

The thing that these people don’t understand is that the vocals are what makes a death metal band: The point of death metal is to be as heavy and brutal as possible with an emphasis on horrific imagery and death. Who wants to hear a guy croon about zombies and corpses? Nobody that’s who. For some this is an acquired taste but most metal heads who listen long enough will finally get it. Which brings me to Italy’s Antropofagus.

Antropfagus’s brutal death metal style had me hooked from the get go. The band’s lyrics are apparently based on theme’s from novelist and film maker Clive Barker. With death metal it is generally hard to make out all but the occasional word and with song titles such as “Sadistic Illusive Puritanism” that the lyrics are based on Barker‘s horror rather fantasy writings.

The band’s style isn’t exactly unique as there are tons of other bands that play this Cannibal Corpse-esque style, but with death metal uniqueness is not necessarily a good thing. When I listen to death metal I want a few things only: heavy as fuck chugging riffs, blastbeats, death growls, brutal imagery, catchy riffs. As long as the band has all of that, then they’ve delivered the goods in my opinion.  Antropofagus has all of the above in spades and more.

Although the band hasn’t exactly made a “must-have” album, they have made a solid death metal album that anyone into the genre will want to add to their collection. Check the band out as they are definitely deserving of your support.

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