Anthrax – Jim Marshall Stage (Main Stage) – Sunday 13:50 – 14:30

It’s difficult to span your 31 year career and promote a new album when you only have 40 minutes, but Anthrax bring the noise (yeah, I went there) on the Jim Marshall stage on the Sunday, wearing uniform t-shirts and with the energy of a band half their age. Making the most of their short slot, Anthrax don’t fuck about and open with ‘Caught in a Mosh‘, following it with ‘Got the Time‘, returning singer Joey Belladonna doing a competent job leading the band and drummer (and behind the scenes band leader) Charlie Benante showing that just because his band are supposedly the least successful of The Big Four, he is by no means the worst drummer.

Whether the decision to only play one song from latest album “Worship Music” was a good or a bad one we may never know, but the decision to make that song ‘Fight Em Til You Can’t’ was definitely a good choice. One of the stronger songs on the album, it really encapsulates everything Anthrax are about in one song and if you haven’t got that album yet then I suggest that you make your way over to whatever website you use to BUY music from when you have finished reading this and nab yourself a copy.

The band went back to the hits with the singalong of ‘Antisocial’ and classic Guitar Hero number ‘Madhouse‘, followed by the Anthrax moment we all now wait for as Joey dons the headdress for a run through of ‘Indians,’ providing the highlight of the set as he ran along the crowd barrier only to have a member of security confuse him with one of the many punters who purchased a headdress from the market.

Sadly, the end of that song means the start of the last song of Anthrax’s set – ‘I am the Law’. A stone cold classic in their back catalogue this closes things off with a big cheer from the crowd and smiles all round.

As good as they were, I’m pretty sure the highlight of the set would have been a lot more interesting if John Bush had been singing.

Now go buy “Worship Music”.

Anthrax Download 2012 setlist:

Caught In A Mosh
Got The Time
Fight ‘Em Till You Can’t
I Am The Law

Photograph taken by Derek Bremner Photography