Steve Dinsmore was pretty impressed by “Hordes Of Zombies”, the latest album by legendary Grindcore outfit Terrorizer. Vocalist Anthony Rezhawk was more than happy to provide his insights on the new album, working with David Vincent, the state of grindcore and zombies, lots of zombies..

Hello and thanks for your time! What inspired the zombie-related title?

The zombie related title was inspired by the fact that we’re on a one way highway going against the course of nature. Ever since humanity veered off the natural path for the sake of comfort and greed, we’ve been getting closer to a possible extinction of life as we know it today. The fact that we’ve been depleting the earth for quite a long time now, stripping it from all its natural resources is making it more and more difficult for all life to thrive as it used to. There is more pollution and contamination today than ever (in our air, our food, our water, etc.), which is causing cancer in record numbers. But regardless, we’re in a dream state ignoring reality. The zombie disease is out there, it preys on the weak minded, the apathetic, and the ignorant.

Does the zombie theme extend to the songs themselves? It seems to on at least some of the tracks, even being used as a metaphor within the more political stances common to grindcore. Is that correct?

That is 100% correct! ‘Hordes of Zombies’ is a concept album, so the whole zombie concept is laid out throughout the entire album.

I love the cover art. Who is the artist?

His name is Nesha, he is an excellent artist!  You could check out his work on his Facebook page.

When listening for the review, I really noticed how the songs are dynamic and well arranged for maximum impact. There’s no listener fatigue. Was this something you consciously set out to concentrate on?

Most definitely. Our main goal was to write a devastating album with all the dynamics necessary to keep everyone in a euphoric state. When Kat and I got together to write this album, we took on the form of alchemists who would prepare a medicinal potion with the power to open hearts and minds to an array of possibilities.

How did Pete’s back issues factor in? It certainly sounds like it didn’t affect his drumming, but I’m not clear as to the timing of the recording versus the timing of his surgery.

We tracked all the drums in January 2009, which was before Pete’s back surgery.

The tones of the instruments are just outstanding, especially the guitar. Would you mind going into some detail as to what equipment was used?

I’m glad you liked the guitar tones.  We actually used two different Mesa Boogie amps, one was a Triple Rectifier and the other one was a Mark III.

How did David Vincent come to be involved in the recording of “Hordes of Zombies”?

David actually came into this recording at the last minute. We already had someone else to take on the session bass player duties, but it was SOM who suggested we get David on board since he had played on the ‘World Downfall’ album and since Morbid Angel was on SOM as well.  We didn’t think he’d be available since they were on the verge of releasing their new album. To our surprise he was interested and made time from his busy schedule to participate as a session bass player.

Was David’s experience recording this album particularly enjoyable for him as a return to old-school basics?

To be honest I’m not too sure, because he was really busy with their long awaited new release to the point that we didn’t talk much other than a few brief conversations by phone.  When we did speak he was always in a hurry because he had all these photo shoots and interviews to do.

What is your opinion of the current state of grindcore? Does this opinion affect the way you approach Terrorizer, or is Terrorizer a world unto itself in this regard?

Grindcore has become an institution and it has spread into different spheres of extreme music. There are many different types of grindcore nowadays. It’s interesting because grindcore was born from the collision of two extreme music genres in the 80’s, one being punk rock and the other being metal.  Today people are blending the different forms of extreme metal and putting them together to create their own sound of non-conformity. Terrorizer definitely enlists with this approach, mostly because it provides the platform for free thinking and expression, but then Terrorizer is a world unto itself.

What are your plans for 2012? Will you tour?

We will definitely play some live shows this year, no concrete details just yet, but we’re working on it.

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