Friday the 13th is a time where horrible things are lurking around every corner. Team TINAS would approve, however, this Friday the 13th we will be having the day off this time around. White apparel and many graphic t-shirts embracing the all-familiar signature pose of Party Hard posse Andrew W.K. has many keen spectators waiting for the gig of their lives. Their excitement were put aside as their support acts were about to warm up Manchester Academy.

British quartet Hawk Eyes hit the stage with their rapid fire music, with many songs from their much talked-about album “Ideas,” had the Manchester crowd interested from the first note. They treated the fans to maniacal songs like ‘Kiss This’, ‘Witch Hunt’ and ‘You Deserve A Medal,’ the crowd giving the energetic lads a very warm reception. Straight to the point, Hawk Eyes unleashed more grandiose melodies from their intensely catchy ‘I Hate This, Do You Like It?’ thus demonstrating their dynamism and appreciation grabbed all by the throats.

Turbowolf were the next band to invade the podium. With lead singer Chris Georgiadis looking like the resurrected Frank Zappa and generating the old sounds of the 1960s with his trusty keyboard. No one can deny the absolute joy when Bristol’s Turbowolf had Manchester roaring, with their diverse elements of filthy rock & roll. Starting with ‘Ancient Snake,’ ‘Seven Severed Heads’ and ‘The Big Cut,’ each heavy song with yet danceable sounds drove Manchester to let go and embrace the madness of Turbowolf’s performance. Songs like the pummelling ‘Bag o’ Bones,’ their infectious debut ‘A Rose For The Crows’ and the edgy ‘Read And Write’ brought the chants of their name led to Georgiadis exclaiming “beautiful” to Manchester. Their cover of Jefferson Airplane’s ‘Somebody To Love’ add a totally new electronic dimension to the classic track that Manchester literally sung every word to. “You know what time it is? It’s time to die!” sweet-talked the leader before thunderously imploded with ‘Let’s Die’.

The countless times of Yes! and We Want Fun! chants combined with blowing and popping condom balloons got a chuckle from the TINAS team, even before the party was due to start. By clockwork, the crowd participation with the voiceover ignited the hidden impatience.

Hell has opened its gates with Andrew W.K. and his crew bringing the all killer no filler debut album “I Get Wet” to a crowd of all ages. The iconic ‘Time To Party’ and ‘Party Hard ‘exploded and instantly, many wrecked bodies and crowdsurfers piled like a colliding train wreck. Bringing the thunder with tracks ‘Girls Own Love,’ ‘Ready To Die’ and signalling ‘Take It Off’ by describing best as taking off your clothes, underwear, lingerie and whatever else anyone can think of…

Before the party host got chance to say the next song, Manchester already gestured ‘I Love NYC’. Andrew W.K. took this opportunity to have a little fun with his audience by either loving New York or Manchester. The response when “I love Manchester” gave up roaring boos in response brought everyone in giggles! An array of devil horns covered the venue when a grand solo was played with his prestigious pizza guitar and led to ‘She Is Beautiful,’ which brought the horde into mass a destruction of voices, smiles and feet stamping.

Vomit and barf to indicate ‘Party Til You Puke’, it was time to do what it says on the tin, with a little tickle of the ivories the floor bounced exclaiming “tonight is a …” Fun Night! The blood-thirsty song ‘Got To Do It’ offered words of encouragement to the masses to not stop and to love music. “To go from a boy to a partyer” with the claustrophobic ‘I Get Wet’ accompanied with a fan-made We Get Wet banner and ‘Don’t Stop Living In The Red’ united Manchester concluding ‘I Get Wet’ in its majestic entirety.

Part two of the night with Andrew W.K. and his comrades comprised of endless bodies piling up for the ferocious ‘Victory Strikes Again.’ Slowing the tempo down with a little snippet of ‘You’re My Angel’ on piano to lead with the measured but hard-hitting ‘Never Let Down.’ ‘Remember Tonight’ was a wonderful dedication to remember those who couldn’t make to the show and for all to reminisce it.

Now, what really impressed Manchester was the utter talent of Andrew W.K. How? It was his impressive drum solo. Everyone in the room looked on with amazement twinkling in their eyes and the roar of applause. It was a rare chance to see this happen and probably never will again. The booming ‘Headbang’ got the crowd to crash their heads and fully appreciate the band’s musicianship. ‘We Want Fun’ took the night to a grand close with a party created for the fans on stage with the band and walking out the venue like sleepwalkers.

This was not a night of horrors but a night drenched with explosive energy in every available space, bringing everyone together to Party Hard. If only I can rate this show more than ten stars…

Andrew W.K. – Facebook Page