Ancestors -In Dream and TimeSix years after their inception, LA’s progressive doom mongers Ancestors have finally come into their own. Previous released showed substantial promise and longevity, hinting of greater works on the horizon. 2011’s “Invisible White EP” was a sublime mishmash of velvety progressive melodies sprinkled with colossal metallic technicalities.

“In Dreams and Time” formally announces the bands arrival, amalgamating lumbering doom metallic’s with synth-laden 70’s progressive vibes with an intriguing and emotive undertones.

Opener “Whispers” smash through your speakers like a sonic blast, with unwieldy and crawling riffs drenched in Justin Maranga’s raspy, emotional vocals that add to the prolonged intensity that shapes the rest of the album. This is juxtaposed against the gorgeous “The Last Return” which, with the inclusion of tantalizing female vocals and piano interludes allows an intake of breath before plunging into the deeper depths “In Dreams…” has to offer. The decadent “On The Wind” is almost mathematical in its precision and the inclusion of an organ ensures it avoids being run-of-the-mill doom.

There is a perplexingly uplifting aura surrounding “In Dreams…” setting Ancestors apart from similar bands, this means it doesn’t feel too weighty and ensures you can listen to it again and again. Ancestors have pulled out all the stops for this one, and it has certainly paid off.

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