Amorphous - A Perfect EvilAnyone still getting their panties in a twist over how long it’s taken for Necrophagist and Wintersun to get their acts together and put out new material would do well to spare a thought for Polish extremists Amorphous. They formed way back in 1991 but have only just got round to releasing their second album, the thoroughly nasty “A Perfect Evil” on Let It Bleed Records. But don’t be fooled into thinking that the band have waited so long to drop this virus bomb because they were so keen to ensure everything sounded perfect; this is rough-around-the-edges deathgrind we’re talking about here and its sole purpose is to maim, terrorize and sow discord amongst anyone who happens to catch an earful of its savage racket.

Opening track ‘Psychosis’ charges at you like Norman Bates with a knife as elements of the goregrind of General Surgery and the dead-eyed psychosis of latter-day Coldworker carve their name into your chest with a ferocity that suggests the band have been itching to unleash upon the unwary listener for a long time. ‘Deception… Lie… Forgiveness’ harks back to mid 90’s Napalm Death with the vocals attempting a fair approximation of Barney Greenway’s abrasive bark. A soaring melodic solo appears out of nowhere to catch you off guard again before the grinding begins again with vigour.

‘Shred’ is in all likelihood something Amorphous want to do to your delicious flesh as the Aborted-esque riffs employed throughout are as sharp as a butcher’s blade and capable of causing just as much damage. They do however shred in the conventional sense of the word on the thrash-tinged ‘My Revenge’ which a good share of the ten-a-penny melo-death legions would do well to study if they want to get anywhere near as well honed as the chops on display here.

Things get uglier again for the Squash Bowels style ‘Lonely Reality’ which achieves a fine balance of groove, melody and all-out brutality in less than three minutes, before we follow the blastbeats into ‘The Abyss of Nothingness’ where death, grind and some impressively catchy solos jostle for supremacy before deciding to combine all three for a full-throttle assault that leaves no-one spared. The relentless intensity is maintained for the rest of the album, leaving you face down in the dirt for the carnage wrought by the Dying Fetus worshipping ‘Agony Part II.’

Don’t be put off by the sub-par cover art and the fact that one of the members’ looks like Chad Kroeger; Amorphous are masters of their craft and well worthy of being promoted into the Premier League of Polish death metal big-hitters, such as Behemoth and Vader. Well worth waiting for!

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