Ambassador Gun - Golden EagleHigh energy bursts forth from the first second of Ambassador Gun’s “Golden Eagle”. Delivering quantifiable mosh, this is the band’s first release in five years and shows three guys clearly un-mellowed by age clearly wanting to make their voices heard.

Energy is a good thing, but it needs something solid behind it and when there’s no structure to back things up you end up with nothing but wall of noise. There’s nothing inherently offensive with this but when an album doesn’t go anywhere, when every song sounds exactly the same as the last and when there’s no variation in tempo, texture or theme it is very difficult to not ask the question “and what else?”

That’s not to say that “Golden Eagle” is without merit, at all. There’s a strata of audience that will find this eminently appealing and undoubtedly devour with absolute eagerness. The problem really is that when bands like Gaza, Trap Them and Rotten Sound manage to create the same level of visceral aural aggression but manage to innovate and subsequently reach out to a wider audience, it’s hard to really get into something so reductive.

By no means a bad album, this is more a case of too much at once and evidences the foolishness of throwing everything at the wall in the hope that something sticks. Enjoyable enough, but by no means essential this is a release that is probably best left for the purists.

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