All Hail The Yeti - All Hail The Yeti [Review]Connor Garrity on vocals, Nicholas Diltz on bass, Skylar Feigel on drums and Craw NeQuent on guitar are seriously on fire here! The album starts out heavy and strong. It grabs you by the throat and refuses to let go. It’s an amazing mixture of Down, Ministry, and White Zombie. The main groove that prowls through ‘Deep Creek’ is wicked. You can’t help but move to it. The true monster isn’t from ‘Deep Creek’, it’s from the writing team. This track is just gobsmackingly amazing. ‘When The Sky Falls’ is slightly Suicidal Tendencies tinged. Then it rips your face off. It’s another track that has this wicked, evil burn to it. The vocals are the perfect blend of spoken word, growly screamy, and sexy harmonies; all to the tune of a bitching guitar riffs.

Everything about “All Hail The Yeti” works. You look forward to each and every new song. It’s truly like Christmas. You’re up. You’re happy. You’re just moving. Tommy Decker and Mike Sarkisyan produced an album they can both be proud of – if they never do anything else, this is the feather in their cap.

The technical and compositional prowess is highlighted in a song like ‘After The Great Fire’. It’s head bang worthy with a sultry combustible vibe. The chorus evokes feelings of some scary shit; vampires, death, fire, psychosis. But the truly wonderful thing about this song is that everyone will feel something different. It will touch the listener but no two listeners will have the same head space. The first 90 seconds of ‘Axe Murder Hollow’ are just… just… I’m speechless and it just gets better from there. It’s like a 70s sexploitations theme, married to a deep south stuck in the bayou tone. The visuals that ‘Axe Murder Hollow’ conjure up are chilling. Then it breaks down into this slow sludgy doom laden hell fest.

So what you really need to know about All Hail The Yeti the band and “All Hail The Yeti” the album: bitchin vocals and sweet as sarsaparilla harmonies, amazing groovilicious guitar riffs, sick and sultry bass lines, and hard driving drums. “All Hail The Yeti” is a perfect frakking album.

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