Aldaaron-Suprême SilenceI won’t lie to you. This album reeks of true black metal but before you salivate and smack your lips, let me tell you about Aldaaron.

The French band was founded in 2004 on the grounds of atmospheric black metal. Their first album, “Nous Reviendrons Immortels” was released in early 2010 which gave a chilling reminiscence of the black metal forefathers thus pummelling positive reviews. On 27 April 2012, Aldaaron are set to release their most recent offering “Suprȇme Silence” with Trollzorn/Black Skull records.

The six track album packs a feast of enthusiasm but goes skinny on the vocal work and bass. Unsure of the intentions of vocalist, Ioldar, the singing is hoarse and slightly hushed disappearing all together at times. The bass parts are reserved with the occasional peak; however it is feeble against the outstanding guitar. The melodic rhythms are handled predominantly by the guitar while the drums fill in for pace and gesture.

Stylistically, Aldaaron channel a great deal of influence from Mayhem to Dissection which comes across on their haunting riffs. However, there is a lack of variation and the tracks begin to clump into grey clusters. There is one stand out track that shows breaking potential, “L’Homme Souverain” with its raw surging energy, fierce rhythm section and pulsating drums. In addition to that piece of talent, the band creates the eerie crawling atmosphere on “Suprême Silence” with precision. The album-titled track is a good example of the daunting ambience; it has the necessary elements to give a little tingle up the spine.

Aldaaron seem determined to stay true to the atmospheric black metal genre with “Suprȇme Silence”, however, a few adjustments could garner a great listenership and perhaps a positive review. Maybe I will eat my words then…

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