Akarusa Yami - OuroborosA double release from Nottingham’s Akarusa Yami. The unsigned five piece consist of Tom Brumpton (Vocals), T.K. (Guitars), Damian Lee (Guitars), Jake Bennet (Bass), Adam Jones (Drums) and recently recruited Lee Dowling (Keyboards) and describe their sound as caffeine fuelled metal, which just about fits them perfectly.

‘Ouroboros’ is the bands six-track debut release that really sees the band making their mark and offering something a little bit different from the norm. In a similar way to such bands as Humanfly and Hawk Eyes, they have a very heavy sound that as well as being direct also leaves room for experimentation and add their own style onto the tunes. The first two tracks (‘Millennium Is My Salvation’ and ‘The Fallout’) have a similar feel to Fear Factory, with the regimented and precise drumming and riffs leading the way. Things turn a little more extreme with ‘Comfort In Amputation’ where the album takes a death metal turn musically, but features some melodic and clean vocal sections. ‘Change Reflects’ is an instrumental which shows yet another side to the band, before it returns to the sound of the earlier tracks.

‘Life, The Venomous Way’ was released a free download and covers similar ground to the previous release, albeit with a rawer and more urgent sound compared to the album, but treads a similar path. The band have found a way of mixing different styles together and for the most part it works quite well. Tom Brumpton has a decent vocal range over the course of both releases and the band have enough about them to want to do something a bit different, which makes sure that they stay clear of sounding generic in any way. A promising band and a couple of decent releases that are well worth checking out.

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