Having seen a gang of drunken reprobates causing mischief in the press area of Bloodstock Open Air 2012 for the entire weekend it seemed only fair to make them do some work like everyone around them. What we found out was that they were the only Glam Rock band on the entire festival bill and had been on a mission to drink the festival dry…

So, first question, who the fuck are you?

Jamie Fowkes (Vocals): We are AIRSTRYKE!!!!

Andy Kopczyk (Guitar): And I think we just got on everyone else’s interview, nice bit of selfless promotion, that’s pretty much how we’re running things today.

JF: We don’t promote ourselves, we just run around in silly shorts.
(Note: They spent the previous day dressed as Baywatch lifeguards…)

And where are you playing this weekend?

JF: We’re playing the New Blood Stage 7.30 Sunday night. Basically headlining. Alice Cooper Pre-Party show!

What can we expect from the show?

JF: Nothing sensible. Absolutely not.

Can any of you even play? I’m not convinced…

JF: We’re not convinced. Our fans aren’t convinced either, but they keep coming to see the show because it’s fun, it’s fucking brilliant, it’s glam, it’s shiny, it’s brilliant, it’s new!

AK: I think the 80’s had a lot to do with it.

Are you trying to be the UK Steel Panther?

JF: No no no no. If Doc Brown pulled up right now in his car and said “Get in guys, I’m going to show you shit…”

AK: When an old man pulls up in his car and says he wants to show you shit, run away! But to answer your actual question, we like the entertainment value, sort of drink heavily and fuck stuff…

JF: We appreciate we do get tagged as “The British Steel Panther”, but they like to kinda just say it and don’t do it, but we do the whole fucking shindig. They sing about drinking til the early hours of the morning then carrying on through the day. We do that shit. In fact, we did it yesterday!

I know. I saw you.

AK: I was sat in the middle of a pathway at 4.30am, smoking interesting cigarettes trying to get some shut eye…

Were they Menthol?

AK: They had something green in it.

JF: Was it Kryptonite?

Is this part of a tour or a one off thing?

JF: This is a massive one day tour we’re doing…

For three days…

AK: It’s a three day binge and a one day show.

When’s the album out?

JF: The album’s out when it’s ready. It’s done, it’s dusted, we have the final mix, we just don’t have it printed and pressed and ready to go.

Have you finalised the artwork?

JF: Yep!

Is there a big pair of tits on it?

JF: Of course there is!

What’s the album called?

AK: No Half Measures.

What are your festival survival tips?

JF: Keep drinking til you pass out

AK: Don’t eat yellow snow…be steery cleary of people in “FREE HUG” tshirts. It’s a bit weird – if you want a hug, just hug someone, don’t be advertising it…

JF (to rest of band): Are you going to say anything?

Morgan Pettidrew (drums): We can’t get a fucking word in man!

JF: Would you like to ask them a question?

How do you put up with them?

Dean Markham (bass): Coz we have to really…

Is there any point where you think “Fuck this shit, these two are idiots, I really wanna leave”?

MP: All the time…

Do you actually get any pussy or do Andy and Jamie take it all?

DM: We get some leftovers…

JF: You guys get the best booze, the best drugs and the best women – we’re a band for Gods sake!

AK: We have worked out the best way to stop producing children. Drink a bottle of vodka really fast and you can’t get an erection. That’s the best contraception. It’s probably cheaper than condoms and a lot more fun.

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