AGHAST! - Live DangerouslyA band that was inspired to form after a drinking game at the Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany, four men put their minds together and the band AGAHST! was formed. Skip forward a couple of years and they have produced an EP, which is set for release this March, AGAHST! are ready to initiate absolute carnage upon us. Their music style is a mixture of grindcore with a hint of death metal, which is mixed with some surprisingly fast, speedy blast beats and mega chord shredding. The vocals are very powerful and remind me of such bands as: At The Gates, The Rotted (formally known as Gorerotted), The Red Chord and The Black Dahlia Murder.

Most of the tracks begin with wild and insane blast chords, which have a first-rate approach to technical styles and variety. Approaching with this style, the band has made sure that nothing is missed and every detail has been carefully understood for the majority of the tracks.

The band comprises of four members James ‘Anger’ Anson (Vocals), Christiaan Verheij Van-Wijk, (Guitar), Dan ‘Danthrax’ Henderson (Bass) and last of all Nick Plews (Drums). Each member punishes the sound waves with unbelievable mixes and persistent energy throughout. For example, the track ‘Look Alive’ starts off with a wild drum blast then following along-side are the dominant guitar chords, which gel together to give a penetrating intro. The vocals of James ‘Anger’ Anson implement some order with death metal style choruses to create depth. Overall, it’s a fantastic track.

Next there is ‘We Fear Silence‘, again another energetic assortment of drum brutality and downright chord destruction, along with ear piercing vocals. The track follows a very notable and imaginative structure which can be portrayed however you want. On the other hand, some guitar chords do reoccur quite often and can be quite repetitive at times.

Lastly we have ‘Drop Dead Famous‘. It achieves what we would expect from an extreme metal band, reckless chords with excellent variation and seriousness. The drumming has a balanced thrash style energy and creative mix. The guitars work well with the vocals during choruses, which complements the overall song.

I would personally recommend that you take time to catch every detail that AGHAST!  delivers and enjoy the variety of styles in each song. Whether you’re an extreme metal fan or not, this EP will certainly feed your curiosity and imagination. So, in conclusion there are some positives and negatives about the EP but AGHAST! are a band that will keep my, and possibly your, ears entertained for quite a while.

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