Adrenaline Mob - OmertaWith oodles of talent, Adrenaline Mob could easily be spotted as the super-group of hard rock and smooth metal. The band comprises of an enticing line-up with vocalist Russell Allen, axe-man Mike Orlando and drummer, Mike Portnoy.  Each Adrenaline Mob member has prior musical experience, has mastered their skills and I was expecting nothing less from their debut “Omertà”.

Except, “Omertà” is embarrassingly disappointing, looping the phrase “We are here to make money and sell out and stuff…” Throughout the release, there are footprints of Nickelback, an early Disturbed influence and a nibble of Aerosmith which is rolled into a smoky down-town dingy pub atmosphere. Get the picture yet?

The opening track “Undaunted” makes for a good listen by painting the pub and grill atmosphere, throwing ironclad references and splurging on a fine rhythm. And it all goes downhill from here. A track such as “All on the Line” has a big red tick next to below average. The sombre acoustic piece seems turned out for radio air play and unfortunately fails with lyrics – though it is the first time you can hear Allen really croon. An additional crooner number is “Angel Sky” (Fly? High? Try?) Chad Kroeger wishes he wrote that. Those lyrics can improve and so can the average drumming from Portnoy. In fact, the only drumming worth commenting on appears in the song “Indifferent”. The drums become palatable and the guitars merge rather nicely with the melody. Though it doesn’t live up to anything impressive and certainly circles the average mark.

“Omertà”, released by Century Media records on 19 March 2012, fails to deliver rock ‘n’ roll but bumps points for good studio quality, wicked album art and guts. A lot of lost fans guts. Maybe it is harsh but a 4.5/10 should do it.

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