The Sir Admiral Cloudesley Shovell - Dont Hear it Fear itWith one of the most ridiculously long and seemingly odd band names I’ve encountered in a while, taken after an English naval officer, The Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell is set to release their 2012 album “Don’t Hear It… …Fear It!” through Rise Above Records/Metal Blade records in late August. What significance or instrumental persuasion this historical figure had on their sound is unclear, if it anything at all but one thing is certain; This band totally rocks!

The first track, ‘Mark of the Beast’ starts off with bursts of psychedelic waves that hit you like a desert mirage; completely vibrational, encapsulating and disorienting, continuously flawless throughout with perfect progression of moods and tempo changes. Mid-way through the track, guitars get bluesy and lyrics spew from the vocalist’s lips in true rock and roll fashion, as equally devilish as anything Motörhead’s Lemmy has concocted.

Moving things along with ‘Devil’s Island’ coasting in on quivering psychedelic riffs, vocals reverberate, coating the soundscape, beginning things with a low-temp rocking groove. Leave it up to The Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell to keep changing things up. Like the push of a slot machine lever, the results cannot be predicted. Just when you think this track is going to keep a steady pace, Johnny Redfern breaks out the guitar into some sped up rock and roll riffage, soloing his way into the final minutes of the track, held up by Louis Wiggitt’s head bobbing base lines.

Set up to revive the roots of classic rock, ‘iDeath’, not to mention this entire album has somehow re-ignited something inside that I’d felt was a little dead to me for some time now. As with anyone who discovered Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin at an early age, their sounds are ones that can carry you for months or even years and just when I felt my ear drifting away from that music, these guys pop up and shift my hips back into the psychedelic sway.

The untitled track on the album seems like just another extraterrestrial riff that they couldn’t juxtapose into one of the albums songs; still totally worth a listen though and only 49 seconds of your time.

With ‘Red Admiral Black Sunrise’. wow, I haven’t heard such a moving, hair flip worthy rock track in ages. The guitar just sings to you, squealing out your name. Chugging bass from Wiggitt keeps your head nodding and the transition from vocal sections to isolated instrumental displays which The Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell seems to be quite fond of are flawless. This track is a long one, 7:04 to be exact but if you choose to listen to only one on “Don’t Hear It…. Fear It!,” this should be it.

‘Scratchin’ and Sniffin” reaches down into the dirty gutter of life, under the sensual spotlight of the rock and roll rhythm; perfect atmosphere for any night out in a rough bar on the edge of town. Heavy on the bass, this track drags you down and yanks you back up out of the dirt. One of my favorite tracks on the album for sure.

Rocking it out just as hard as any Van Halen or Zeppelin track, ‘The Last Run’ holds on to the age old inspiration of Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t Fear the Reaper” with just a hint of cow bell. ‘Killer Kane’ and the hidden track ‘Beanstew’ are no different. I’m confident enough in this band to extend my arm, placing them among the ranks of the present rock and roll gods. If you’re getting bored of the same old radio classic rock, this album is a must to check out.

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