German thrash metal legends and creators of the genre “Speed Metal” that go by the name of Accept, have just released their second album since reforming with their new singer since 2009, Mark Tornillo. The new album is called “Stalingrad” and was released on April 6th, 2012 via Nuclear Blast Records.

With their reformation celebratory album “Blood Of The Nation” being a huge success, as well as knighted the Heavy Metal Album of the Year by Eddie Trunk, these metallers are back with an even louder and heavier album, showing that this 70s band still got what it takes. “Blood Of The Nation” which hit the shelves in the late summer of 2010, sold over 2,900 copies in the US in its first week, being the largest first week sales number since their infamous album “Soundscan”. With this being the comeback album that hit the roof in 2010, it is time to find out whether “Stalingrad” can keep the fans they have fervently won back, happy.

So it will be tough competition to beat the reformation album with “Stalingrad”, and here at TINAS, we’re going to find out whether Accept are able to do so.

‘Hung Drawn And Quartered’ kicks off the album with a harsh Teutonic stretches of Mark and the whirlwind of electrifying guitars. If you’re having doubts about this album, just listen to this track and you will be sure to change your mind. If you like Accept’s earlier work, you will definitely like this album.

‘Stalingrad’ offers everything a good metal track needs, the slow and powerful solo, with loud bellowing screeches as vocals and entwined in fast guitar riffs and catchy drum beats. And to top it all off, the gang vocals that make you want to put your devil horns high in the air.

‘Hellfire’ and ‘Flash To Bang Time’ offer nothing but head banging yet agile guitar solos. With the sing along choruses and the double time drum beats, it’s not hard to understand why this band has the label ‘speed metal.’

‘The Gallery’ finishes this album with an epic seven minute track, with its heavy drop of the drum and the accelerated and melodic guitars, giving you one final song of solid hefty heavy-metal. There is really nothing else to say here, it’s just impeccable.

This album is exceptional to say the least. It hasn’t quite matched up to the last album, but is nonetheless a brilliant piece of work. It is hard to fault a band that has so much talent and poise, but that doesn’t matter, because there is nothing to fault.

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