Abysmal Dawn - Leveling The Plane Of ExistenceIn the eighties Los Angeles was the epicentre of the dreadful glam rock/hair metal movement, with Poison, Cinderella and Dokken being some of its worst abominations. Nowadays, it’s the home of one the finest outfits in death metal today, namely Abysmal Dawn. With two critically acclaimed records under their belt, the third one is usually considered the make or break album for a band. Let’s see what “Leveling The Plan Of Existence” has to offer.

Abysmal Dawn combines the melodic edge of Death with the darkness and dirge of classic Morbid Angel, thus creating a sound which is heavy, yet melodic the same time. On “Leveling The Plan Of Existence” the band opted for a more mid tempo and groove-based approach, which adds a lot of heaviness to the album. There’s still a lot of blastbeats to enjoy, most notably on ‘Pixilated Ignorance,’ ‘Rapture Renowned’ and ‘Manufactured Humanity.’ However, it’s the groove and the intelligent songwriting on ‘In Service Of Time,’ ‘Perpetual Dormancy’ and ‘The Sleeper Awakens’ it’s dark and sludgy edge. Those songs have the same creepy vibe as Morbid Angel’s “Where The Slime Lives” and “God Of Emptiness”.

This outfit isn’t afraid to look beyond the death metal boundaries either, as shown on the Latin percussion of ‘Our Primitive Nature’ and the piano part in ‘The Age Of Ruin.’ It’s such little details that sets Abysmal Dawn apart from all the typical Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation and Morbid Angel worshippers which sadly dominate the death metal scene nowadays. I would love to see more of those nifty little details on future Abysmal Dawn albums. One minor point of complaint though, with just short under 37 minutes “Leveling The Plane Of Existence” is a kind of short in my opinion.

“Leveling The Plane Of Existence” by Abysmal Dawn is a very mature release delivered by a group of musicians who are really on top of their game. The music is fast and heavy when it needs to be and the band doesn’t shy away to include elements which aren’t necessarily associated with death metal. All in all, a very memorable album by one of the finest outfits active in death metal today.

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