Abstracter - Tomb of FeathersComing together around 2010 in Oakland, CA this crust/punk/sludge/doom/dreary outfit known as Abstracter offer up their debut release, “Tomb of Feathers”. Steeped in the music of unearthly noise and havoc, this band of four is set to carry on with something that is not quite doom, a little crust, maybe blackened, but certainly loud and well assembled. These three dark fueled tracks weigh in at a mighty 40 some minutes and what a 40 minutes they are, locked and loaded with a bleak blend of neurotic creativity.

‘Walls That Breath’ is a brutal amalgamation of not only coherent parts and singing, but also busts out the growls and dark chords. They offer a deeply melancholic atmosphere delivered on the wings of brutality. In this fashion of blending they give nods to many different styles and yet maintain their own sound. To often we see younger bands trying to sound like X and end up being an imitation. Abstracter have maintained their identity through this track as well as the entire release.

‘To Vomit Crows’ picks up where walls leaves off with one notable exception. Where walls hung more to the darker and bleaker the riffs here have a more modern tinge to them. This still tends on the creepy but the riffs give it a nice bridge into the more modern. Alagna really stretches the boundaries a bit here and offers some really creative and at times desperate sounding guttural growls and words. This goes to show that you don’t always have to load up on the low end to get proper abysmal feeling and emotion into a track.

‘Ash’ closes off reverting more back to the style and feel of walls. Really hits the trudge factor hard. Picking up the pace slightly as we move deeper and deeper into whatever wilderness Abstracter has constructed for us to wonder around in a state of fear. This is one huge slab of grey, that holds the feeling, even giving us a hint of psychedelia at one point through nearly 18 minutes worth insanity. The vocals again are used in perfect accent to mood and emotion and really helps carry things through to their inevitable conclusion.

These boys from Oakland have really managed to capture something special here. Not afraid to include a modern riff but keep things really down in the sludge and crust of things. Exceptional vocals and delivery of music is contained throughout. This is a must for all doomier music fans out there. Be it fans of Black Cobra or Pallbearer this will appeal across many of the sub-genres. This is a superb first offering and one can only wonder, as they gel and develop further, what great sounds they will unleash two, three, four years down the road. Lets get into the crust and turn up Abstacter.

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