Abrahma - Through The Dusty Parths Of Our LivesMuch of the press release coming with this debut album from Abrahma (after a name change from Alcohsonic, who had been fairly active prior) makes light of the fact that they are from Paris, and represent a darker side to the iconic city. Interestingly, as you wouldn’t think so whilst listening to it. “Through The Dusty Paths Of Our Lives” evokes images of deep South America or even the desert landscapes sound Kyuss are renowned for; in fact Kyuss are perhaps the most obvious comparison in sound.

Very much rooted in the stoner/desert rock sound of the likes of Kyuss, there are also hints of the 70’s bluesy rock bands that these guys had previously played like under their former moniker. Some of the riffs do have a real bluesy feel to them and there are plenty of big, classic rock style choruses in there as well. Where it does fall however is that it is pretty samey throughout, with most of the songs pretty much sounding near identical to one another with precious little that sticks in to your memory.

The songs can be quite overly long as well, for the most part. Often they pass the 5 minute mark, which isn’t necessarily the best trait for such a genre of music which can be based upon simplicity. By no means a bad album, but doesn’t really reach any greatness either. There are a lot of bands who play this style of music who can write really catchy and great songs. Abrahma here do not punch much above mediocrity.

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