Aborted - Global Flatline“Global Flatline” is the seventh album from death metal veterans Aborted. Since their previous release, 2008’s “Strychnine.213,” it is almost a completely different band, with only vocalist and sole founder member Sven de Caluwe being the consistent force in the band, as they have constantly evolve their sound and broaden the scope of their brutality in the years since they burst onto the scene in 1995.

The album opens with the instrumental ‘Omega Mortis’ which features various samples layered against eerie background noises before the onslaught begins with the title track and doesn’t give up for the next forty-five minutes. The powerful drums of Ken Bedene drive the album along with apparently no let up in sight.  The first sign of any calm on the album is during ‘Coronary Reconstruction’. This sees the album slow down slightly and a fine solo adds a melodic side to the album alongside the heaviness.

There is plenty on here for fans of old and new death metal. ‘Of Scabs And Boils’ has moments reminiscent of “Heartwork” era Carcass and ‘Expurgation Euphoria’ which has a slow doomy intro similar to Morbid Angel‘s ‘Where The Slime Live’. This older influence sits well alongside the other styles on show throughout the album, most commonly grindcore, with the frantic guitars and drums providing a clinical but powerful assault.

The album also features a number of guest vocalists from some of the leading bands in the scene today. Trevor Strnad (The Black Dahlia Murder), Julien Truchan (Benighted), Jason Netherton (Misery Index) and Rotten Sound’s Keijo Niinimaa all lend their distinctive throats to this fine record. The production keeps the album clear without being too clean and overly sterile but still manages to sound raw and brutal.

“Global Flatline” is a slightly different prospect to a lot of death metal out there at the moment. As fierce and uncompromising as anything out there, but also shows that this particular incarnation of Aborted are open to adding different styles and ideas into the mix. This is the sound of a band trying out a couple of new ideas, and while it isn’t exactly a greatly original album, it is a bit of a break from the norm for Aborted and something which should go down well with longtime fans as well as people new to the band. A good album, definitely worth checking out, it sets a pretty good standard for others to follow this year.

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