Ab IMo Pectore - The Dissociative PathPortugal’s Ab Imo Pectore (rough translation from the Latin: “from the bottom of my heart”) bring the clanging kultness on “The Dissociative Path”. I really enjoy imagining black metal bands from non-Scandinavian places of origin capering around their own geographically specific pastoral scenes: perhaps Ab Imo Pectore meditate upon pagan themes in forests of cork oak trees….

I honestly don’t mean to be dismissively stereotypical. After all, who says you have to be Nordic to be tr00? Spread the blackened wealth and the Devil may care! …Whatever, let’s rock:

What we have here is black metal for fans who are looking for granola-crunchy tones, no excess of polish, and plentiful skronk. And I’m happy to report that it’s really, really good! This is neighbor-repelling, cubicle-clearing stuff—in the best possible way.

The playing has that elusive “loose but tight” feel, and the overall atmosphere is, almost…beachy. But dark: like you’d love to crank it, convertible top down, in the dead of night as you speed from your Coronado campsite to a seedy Imperial Beach taco shop in the dead of a summer night. (After surfing all day long in a Día de los Muertos-appropriate mask.) At least I would…even though I don’t surf. (That’s what this record is doing to me!)

The vocals are reverbed-out and often psychedelic; Ab Imo Pectore have evidently spent as much time spinning records by The Doors and The Cramps as Bathory or Immortal. The resultant effect is quite 60’s horror LP, not unlike what my grandparents threw down at their Halloween shindigs as I recall them from the primordial soup of my early memories. Unintelligible incantations swirl around the sonic cauldron along with stringy guitars and distantly-clattering blastbeats. Mmmm, smoky…

Surf over to Ab Imo Pectore’s Bandcamp page and check this out for yourself. The artwork is a must-see! (Never have cassettes looked so evil as they do when juxtaposed with bones, believe me.) Hoods, ritualistic poses, sepia-tonic darkness—all are pitch-perfect visual accompaniments to this release. Ótimo!

Abo Imo Pectore – Bandcamp