'77 - High Decibels [Review]Most bands who go down the 70s Rock N’ Roll route, always find themselves getting thrown off the track at some point. The only band that has become successful from sounding almost exactly like AC/DC is another Australian band that goes by the name of Airbourne… That was until recently. Another band has risen, and taken the challenge to knock Airbourne off the AC/DC wannabe throne, and they might just be able to do it. That band is ’77.

Although they’re not Australian, and they’re not from the 70s, this hard rocking new band from Barcelona in Spain are showing that Rock N’ Roll is no longer owned by the Aussie’s after the release of “High Decibels,” their second full length album which hit the shelves last October. Since then, the band has toured with Crisix and is scheduled to play a number of shows across Europe throughout April and May.

Although ’77 are famously criticized for sounding like AC/DC songs such as ‘(Gotta Go) Gotta Hit The Road’ show clear influences from the likes of KISS and Led Zeppelin. There are a few little twangs here and there that could be linked to Rush and early Black Sabbath. The guitar solo’s performed in songs such as ‘Gimmie A Dollar’ and ‘Promised Land’ by lead guitarist LG Valeta is perfectly played, with elegance and skill. The licks from bass player RAW is exactly what you would expect from someone with such a name, hard and raunchy with an edgy groove.

There is this lucid beat from the drum, which constantly hammers away in the background of each song that is so striking and strong that it would be shameful not to recognise it. Especially, in a track called ‘Let’s Beat It Up.’ It is the drums on this album that set the Rock N’ Roll party mood, and drummer Johnnie Dolphin has mastered that 70s funk groove beautifully.

Of course, none of this would be worth a dime if it wasn’t for the vocals. ‘Are You Ready For Rock N’ Roll’ and ‘Promised Land’ capture the generic scratchy vocals of Armand Valeta who would have given Brian Johnson a run for his money if he was born a good 30 years earlier!

Overall, if you want a fresh, young band with that old school head banging attitude to crank up in your speakers, this is the band for you. Yeah they sound AC/DC, but who cares, at least this band hasn’t forgotten their roots. Rock N’ Roll wouldn’t still be going if it wasn’t for the Bon Scott and Angus Young duo, now it’s ’77’s turn. Let there be rock!

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