11 years is a long time. That is how long I’ve waited for tonight, for the chance to see 3 Doors Down, a band that I have loved since I was 16 years old, and finally I will get to experience them live.

3 Doors Down get a bad rap from people, I understand why people don’t like them, they do make radio friendly arena rock, but unlike their counterparts (I think we all know who I mean) there is something genuine and down to earth about them, they aren’t singing about how amazing it is to be a rock star or any of that bullshit. Just honest guys making honest music.

But before we get to the 3 Doors Down live experience there is a little matter of support band Seether, who are heavier, darker prospect than the headliners but no less world conquering. The band strides onto the stage and launches into ‘Gasoline’ and what follows is a run through of the bands hits spread out across their four album career. Seether appear to be on better form than they were last time they were on these shores, and have grown into quite the band, even with minimal interaction between the band and the crowd there is still a large portion of tonight’s crowd here to see them and hang on their performance. It isn’t hard to imagine the band headlining this venue themselves in the years to come.

3 Doors Down are flanked tonight by a large video screen which displays images from the bands new album cover onscreen as well as videos later in the evening. Opening tonight’s set with the title track from their most recent album ‘Time Of My life’ 3 Doors Down make an energetic entrance and for the next hour and a half they show the assembled masses just why they are so popular.

Brad Arnold is a ball of nervous energy throughout tonight’s show, darting around the stage like a hyperactive child grinning from ear to ear. Tonight’s set is largely a greatest hits set spanning the bands career, all bases are covered. Personally for me the material from “The Better Life” is what makes the evening for me, as one of my favourite albums it was good to hear the band play the best songs off of it.  There is no denying though that the band knows how to pen massive anthems songs like ‘Duck and Run’, ‘Kryptonite’, ‘Citizen/Soldier’ and ‘When You’re Young’ all get rolled out tonight to the delight of the crowd.

The one thing that I respect the most about 3 Doors Down as a band though is what I mentioned in my introduction. They are real, real people making music that means something to them. They aren’t out here preaching to their audience or talking down to them, they are just hearing playing the songs that they wrote and having fun and to me that is more important than whether the band is heavy or has the right look. 3 Doors Down connect with their fans because they don’t to be any better than them and especially in today’s world of inflated ego’s speaks volumes. There is a moment about half way through the set that perfectly demonstrates this point as the band leaves the stage and man brings his girlfriend onstage and proposes to her, Brad declares that this was set up all through the bands facebook page, I tell you there aren’t a lot of band out there that would do that.

After so long of waiting to see 3 Doors Down play I can honestly say it was worth it, to see one of my all time favourite bands in front on my playing the songs that mean so much to me was genuinely one of my favourite gigging experiences ever. I just hope they don’t leave it so long to come back next time.

3 Doors Down – Official Website

Seether – Official Website