3 Doors Down - Greatest HitsLet’s get this straight right from the outset – if you are more Nine Inch Nails than Nickelback, more Slipknot than Stone Sour and more Megadeth than Metallica, then you’re not going to like this collection of songs from one America’s big hitters. On the other hand, if you have replaced gigs for kids or just like some light and shade in your album collection and don’t have any of their existing albums, you may want to add 3 Doors Down‘s “Greatest Hits” to your shelf.

Opening with their gazillion selling single “Kryptonite”, this compilation has arranged 11 of the bands’ singles from the last 12 years into a standalone album, representative of exactly what 3 Doors Down are about, alongside brand new track “One Light”  that easily fits in with the likes of “Here Without You” and (of course) “Be Like That”.

The main point this album serves to prove is just how important the right production is to an album. Some of the riffs heard here are actually pretty big with some great grooves, but the production has pulled them back so much the songs come across less 90’s Metallica, more diet Nickelback and I’m sure the band kick themselves over this every time they look at their bank statements.

Whilst this particular brand of Alt-Rock may not be for everyone, there’s no arguing with record sales and you’ve got to give a certain amount of respect to any band that can not only release a “Greatest Hits” package that actually contains this many “hits”, but also is still going strong 12 years since first forcing themselves onto the worlds’ subconscious.

If you like Daughtry, Nickelback or lyrics that are perhaps a little more relatable and less dramatic, you could get a lot out of this album and it’s going to be interesting to see what 3 Doors Down do for the next 12 years.

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