Day: September 10, 2012

Inferion – Aborted By The Sun

Interesting story concerning the duo known as Inferion, a Miami, Florida based blackened death metal outfit, related to “Aborted By The Sun”. Iraq War Veteran (thanks for your service man) Nick Reyes, lost these recordings on a hard drive that went up in flames, then during army special forces selection and training these recordings were found in a tough box in a storage unit. So while training. Nick re-recorded some drums, bass, and a few vocals and here is the result. Lets be honest a tough as nails veteran playing death metal it just has to be brutal, right? Brutal, check; non-stop driving aggression, check; relentless, check; this EP though short delivers that aural assault we all come to know, love and expect from out blackened death dealers. The “irony” of this being delivered from someone is special forces training certainly is not lost. After a brief opening of nice spooky drone, we are dropped right into the firestorm that is the title track. It starts full fury and really doesn’t relent until the last note of this EP. It’s furious beats, riffage by the ton, and some rather well executed growls and screams let us know we are in for the long haul on this one. Caution to all continuing from this point forward may result in spinal and neck damage from resultant head banging. ‘Burning Away the...

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Family – Portrait

“We are Family… and so are you,” Applegate said during their first live set in Brooklyn.  New York’s Family opened their arms wide to anyone would get hooked on their sound, grow with their progression and back them up just like any solid support system should.  Well, back them the scene did.  Along with other successful up and coming metal acts such as Hull and Primitive Weapons who have found a steady following in New York, Family has carved their own way though fairly constant gigs and word of mouth.  Spawn through a concoction of the urban anger and southern hospitality, their progressive mix of Botch’s aggression, a rock inspired blend of Tool and Unsane’s musicality topped with Celan like creativity has only added to the level of top notch musicians in the city, pumping out some truly innovative stuff that should be spread to the masses. Their debut release will not disappoint their brothers and sisters.  “Portrait” comes out on October 26th in Germany, 29th in the rest of Europe and October 30th to the US/Canada through Pelagic Records; a concept album that tells the tale of a broken family who acquire odd and incredible, paranormal powers. To get your first listen, Decibel is now steaming ‘Bridge & Tunnel,’ the first and strongest track off their album.  Trailing in with distant drum beats, the layers build as guitars...

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Killbody Tuning – 47°0’40.00”N / 6°42’20.00”E

The links between post rock and cinematic imagery are well documented. It’s a genre whose form lends it to accompanying images, real or imagined. Sprawling, effects-driven soundscapes are created in such a way as to circumnavigate the concept of “traditional” song structure, offering the listener something that allows more interpretation and consideration. It is not formless or undisciplined, rather, it provides a framework within which aural pictures can be presented to the audience; that, I guess you could say, is its mise en scene. So it’s no surprise to find bands and filmmakers working together. Switzerland’s Killbody Tuning has...

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