XII Boar - XII“XII” is the debut EP from Hampshire based stoner metal band XII Boar. The trio of Tommy Hardrocks (Guitars & Vocals), Adam Thomas (Bass & Backing Vocals) and Dave Wilbraham (Drums).

Opening track ‘Train Wreck’ is a three-minute blast, with a driving riff flowing the song before it slows down and fades out to some feedback at the end. ‘Beg, Borrow, Steal’ carries on in the same vein, although has a quieter mid section instrumental before Tommy’s vocals come back and it goes racks up the volume again towards the end of the song.

Up next,  ‘Sludge’ is an instrumental track very much in the vein of Karma To Burn. Maybe its because I have just been listening to a lot of instrumental tunes lately, but this was the stand-out track for me.  Final track is ‘S.K.O.L.’ and this starts off where the previous track ended. After the initial couple of minutes, it is largely instrumental and shows the band trying different approaches, with both a slower, more measured sound as well as some great riffs, and they mix it all together well.

“XII” is a decent release, and a good addition to an already busy scene. There are influences of some fine bands such as Clutch and Karma To Burn, with even a couple of Workhorse Movement flavoured moments. The noisy and quieter moments balance each other well and show some potential.  The order of the tracks works well and allows them to change pace throughout the songs to the point where they blend into one another.

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