The Manchester Metal Scene is rising, and is getting recognised more and more by the minute. Marking their album launch of their stunning debut “Virgin Tapestry” and breathing from their recent Bloodstock Festival New Blood stage performance that has grabbed the attention of walking life, Wolfcrusher are set and ready to pummel the place apart to on their home turf.

To begin the night of the setting sun, Septic Enema begin the set with two songs from their  “Fibre” EP, ‘T.T.S’ and ‘Monologue’. Their blend of melodic metal and harsh/clean vocals complemented their introduction to the Manchester crowd as the group went straight into  ‘Black Coffee’ from their first EP “Deny Its Existence”. Although it was a short set from the lads, it was indeed a good performance that got a respectable reception from the audience.

When The Threat were next to walk on the stage, the audience couldn’t help but discuss about the ages of the lads. There were questions in the air if they are worthy to watch. As soon as they kicked in with ‘Takomaster’ and ‘Cerberus’, the audience were taken aback with their skilful playing and, most impressively, their deep vocal work from both bassist Christopher Sellers and lead guitarist Lewis Tyson. Their next track ‘Swashbuckle’, was instantly a crowd pleaser. Then more headbanging tracks that included ‘Baghead Big’, ‘Judge Judy’, ‘Shindig’ and, quite cleverly titled, ‘Untitled’, they have gained such a great response from the crowd. For such a young set of lads, they have truly let go of the stigmas due to their sound. Team TINAS couldn’t help but congratulate The Threat on their performance!

The last support of the night was Chester quartet Kaitain, their introduction was through the song ‘No Way Out’, setting the mood quite nicely. Their take of metal and heavy vocals worked to attract our very critical crowd. Next up in their performance were ‘Superheavy’ and ‘Drown’, combining slow and mid-tempo sounds with crunching vocals. To close their thunderous set were the great tracks ‘Babylon Rise’ and ‘Vicious Circle’ that gave the final act of their night something to think about.

As each member of the mighty Wolfcrusher walked on, Gary Harkin clad with flashing pumpkin head gear, they were introduced to Manchester with a drum march to the crazy sounding ‘Moving Mountains’ that switched a massive gear to a heavy breakdown. Daniel Mucs and Arun Kamath make the perfect dual guitar partners with their diverse work. Chris Mitchell-Taylor fiercly tapping the bass, Dan Mikietyn beating the drum kit as if it was a toy and Gark Harkin‘s canticle of guttural growls, searing screams, and melodious vocal lines. Five minutes into the set and already the place was about to break.

Next to erupt onto the system was heavy ‘Lost At Sea’ and the deeply thunderous ‘Insuperabilis’, more hell was broken from the front to the back of the Club Academy. Viewers were able to see heavy pits in all corners of the place. From this point, Wolfcrusher was breathing in every bit of havoc in the room.

‘Focus’ was a new, unfamiliar sound that was received very well by everyone. Team TINAS thought this was the ONLY time that gave everyone to relax for a quick moment. ‘No Chance’ was the song that gave the opportunity for shredder Daniel Mucs to break into a pitch perfect solo. The crowd went absolutely nuts to the solo, with more devastation on the floor!

Before the next track Wolfcrusher introduced their very good friend to help out with the vocals, his name was Gaz Hayden. To those who are not familiar with his work, he is vocalist and guitarist of Manchester metal band Visitor. Then, the next track ‘Reborn’ unleashed,  everyone in the place yelled at the top of their lungs “Take my hand”, and even saw Harkin‘s head gear disappear into thin air… After much appreciation from Hayden for kindly helping out Wolfcrusher create another act of demolition on the floor.

As a very cheeky sad face formed on Harkin‘s face when his now demolished head gear was returned, this was everyone’s last chance to cause a calamity in the area. Their last song was ‘Skeletonizer,’ a very well received song and, you’ve guessed it, a pit pleaser. Literally, it was as though as everyone was sucked into a black hole.

What a stunning night for the lads of Manchester’s own Wolfcrusher. With a little help from their friends and a unity of a metal scene like no other, who knows what is in store for them in the future, but from what we witnessed here tonight it a very promising future! Same goes to the Manchester Metal Scene as a whole. Let’s see what happens.