Making a stir since their beginning in 2008, York band With One Last Breath have been opening eyes and ears to their sound through live shows with the likes of Asking Alexandria, Bury Tomorrow, and Glamour Of The Kill, as well as with their debut EP and follow up single. Overwhelmingly, the majority of their EP’s sales coming from North American listeners, understandable as their music is heavily influenced by the American hardcore scene. Now, the band is starting to move things on this side of the water too and their debut album, due to be released later in 2011, could very well be the key to open that door if the music on their self titled EP and even more so the single “Hell We Create”, is a good indication.

The EP released in 2010 contains five tracks of melodic metal fused with heavy hardcore aggression. ‘Before You Go’ is a strong track with the guitars of vocalist Sam Graves and Joe Graves playing the kind of  metal found from likes of Avenged Sevenfold.  ‘I Taste The Poison’ with its neat guitar solo and guest vocals from Davey Richmond from Glamour Of The Kill, and ‘Down The Darkest Road’ a blend hard rock melodies and screamo type attack, are solid but lacking compared to the previously mentioned song.

The EP is a little inconsistent but greatly lifted by the two best tracks on offer. ‘I’m Taking Over (Thanks To You)’ is a vibrant slice of melodic hardcore energy, with the guitars tight and creative over attentive riffs that really come alive as the song progresses. The drums of Chris Bowling are impressive throughout the release and here especially he is a driving force, ably supported by some well defined bass riffs. The track also shows the vocals of Sam Graves at their best. He delivers the smooth melodic tones and the coarse growls satisfyingly on all tracks but one gets the idea that he prefers the clean style more and certainly seems to favour it, though at times to a tracks detriment. There are moments that sound almost like boy band pop vocally and though he never goes too far it does take away from the better dark tones that lie within the songs. On this track though he excels finding a much more even blend and it certainly works well.

The strongest and most talked of track on the EP is ‘Wake The Dead’; mentioned eagerly because of not only the fact it is the best track out of the five but also because it features Danny Worsnop of Asking Alexandria. Worsnop stepped in to help out when Graves lost his voice on tour and being an old friend and former band mate with some of the members of With One Last Breath, recorded all the screaming parts. The track is an impressive slice of metal and not just because of his great contribution, the whole band is on blistering form and it stands head and shoulders above the other songs within the EP.

The lost voice situation also prompted the band to bring in Spencer Costello to take on the harder guttural growl duties allowing Sam Graves to concentrate on his clean vocals. This seems to have triggered the band to move towards a darker and heavier metal direction as shown by the single ‘Hell We Create’. Released in January of this year, the track is full of punchy riffs and menacing attack that shows a great progression from the EP. The accompanying song ‘Forgive Never Forget’ is even better, the almost black metal vocals of Costello standing out and fusing with Grave’s clean delivery evenly and equally and seemingly having infused a new bite to his style too. New bassist Joe Lancaster also brings an edge missing somewhat on the earlier recording.

The progression of With One Last Breath between the two releases offers real promise, for not only the forth coming album but the band’s sound itself. With One Last Breath have kept but transformed their melodic guitar on solid rhythm laced with solos and mixed vocal attacks into an erupting beast of dark menace and joyful aggression. Hopefully the album will build upon this even further.

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