Winterus - In Carbon Mysticism [Review]Winterus are an American black metal band, based in Michigan. They claim to be inspired by critically acclaimed bands like Enslaved, Immortal, Wolves In The Throne Room and In Flames. Their debut album is called In “Carbon Mysticism“, so let’s what it’s made of.

These guys don’t make things easy for themselves by citing such established band as their major influences. There’s one critical lesson Winterus apparently decided to ignore and that’s the major benefit of having a professional production. I know that Enslaved and Immortal relied on typical lo-fi black metal production on their earlier outputs, but that’s something they’ve remedied on albums like Ruun, Vertebrae and Damned In Black. Especially the drum sound on this album is incredibly thin.

When it comes to compositions Winterus certainly show potential, especially on ‘Reborn’, ‘No Rest’, ‘Moonlust’ and ‘Eternal Ghost’. It’s just a shame that the production kills all potential beforehand. Also the edition of three terribly recorded live songs in the form of ‘Christ Reign’, ‘Dusk Unveils’ and ‘Through The Mist’ doesn’t add to any potential grandeur of “In Carbon Mysticism”.

Winterus show some hints of potential here and there, but just simply emulating the necro sound of Darkthrone and early Mayhem is incredibly childish. That was funny fifteen years, but by today’s standards is just retarded. My advice: avoid this record and go for for the real thing instead.

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