Whitechapel - RecorruptedMy case with Whitechapel is that they are one of those bands that i hear good things about, like what I’ve heard, yet I never get around to giving them a proper amount of attention, so this EP has made a nice little introduction for me. The “Recorrupted EP”  offers up five tracks, two of them being good old fashioned heavier than hell Whitechapel, two more of them come in the form of  the filthiest dub sounds you are ever likely hear and then finally it wraps up with a nice acoustic number… but I’ll get back to those in a moment.

“Section 8” kicks off this shindig, and straight off the bat this is the band offering up what they do best. technical hard crushing riffs that are as sludgy as they are punchy, backed with a set beats tighter than this years Christmas shopping budget. It’s by no means anything ground breaking, but it is damn good metal/hardcore being brilliantly executed. A cover of Pantera’s “Strength beyond Strength” picks up the pace a little, and the ‘Chapel boys have put in a solid effort on this one, it wasn’t till after listening to it a few times that it clicked it was even a cover. In short Whitechapel have taken this track and owned it, you could be forgiven for thinking it’s from their own back catalogue.

Now if you’re really not a fan of things that go wubwubwub then the next two  tracks probably aren’t for you, first up is a remix of “Breeding Violence” taken from 2010’s“A New Era of Corruption”. If you happened to catch Mitch Lucker‘s (Suicide Silence) collaboration with Cameron Argon, better known as Big Chocolate, earlier this year then this remix should sit right at home alongside Commissioner‘s EP. Big Chocolate‘s devilishly dark brand of electronic mastery lends itself well to Whitechapel’s sound, it’s a good track and something that wouldn’t be out of place at a good industrial night. Dillinger’s Ben Weinman offers up a reworking of “This is Exile”  from the album of the same name back in 2008.  It’s not bad, but it just comes across as soundtrack music in a first person shooter much like something you’d get in Quake and therefore doesn’t really stand out.

Striping away all the electronic layers the EP finishes up with a haunting instrumental reworking of “End of Flesh“. I have a feeling the idea of an acoustic Whitechapel may upset a few die hard fans, but it shouldn’t really be taken as a sign that the guys have any intention on lightening up any time soon, but it might hint at some more elements they might consider as they gear up to write their 4th studio album. So overall this EP is a nice little stop gap to tie fans over and give them stocking filler for Christmas while the band prepare to work on another full length release.

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