Listening to the third album from Chicago’s Weekend Nachos results in feeling like a version of Edward Munch’s ‘The Scream’ as their sound leaves the immediate surrounding world suddenly unbalanced and shrieking with distraught submission. Though their name suggests some pop punk outfit with songs of inadequate boys and freely loose girls, but once their astringent noise reaps havoc upon the ear there is no mistaking the bands content and musical direction. Worthless” is a missile of powerviolence/grindcore aggression, causing maximum damage in as short a time as possible over its 14 tracks.

From opening track ‘Hometown Hero’ the set up for the aural assault is laid down with rampaging riffs, devastating power, and harsh scathing vocals and lyrics. The track is a minute long hardcore punk explosion that shatters any protective bubble around sensitive ears. With only a couple of exceptions the tracks on the album flash and burn within anything up to an intense minute and a half of flesh stripping attack, leaving no one without bleeding senses and assaulted thoughts.

Tracks such as ‘Black Earth’, ‘Frostbitten’, and ‘The Fine Art Of Bullshit’ repeat the punk styled attack of the opener with a grindcore/hardcore base and though they are fleeting blows they are unavoidable and unforgettable. The sound is an amalgam of Brutal Truth, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, and Adelphia of Kings, crushing and thrusting aside all in its way.

A feature of Weekend Nachos and their noise, is the time and pace changes within the tracks which are fluent and effective. ‘Obituary’ and ‘For Life’ are strong examples of this as they revert from the thrash punk slaughter into demonized sludge punk grinds oozing with a dirge like quality, that leaves a suggested unknown finality.

Sonically the band causes cruel damage especially in the two tracks ‘The Meeting’ and ‘Worthless’. The first of the two is a great riff laden track with a rampant attack which evolves into a piercing sonic assault on the mind. This continues into the title track forming a fluent though painful link which eventually evolves into the instrumental drone of the latter piece. Hard to say if this works or it is good as from the moment the aural torture starts mid way through ‘The Meeting’ it is hard to remain listening. The final track ‘Future’ sows seeds deep in the layers of this sound and leaves not so much questions but an unanswered unease that niggles away as the release dies away.

Weekend Nachos deliver great riffs interjected with some neat guitar moments within the full grindcore sound, though they can be lost at times, and vocally the delivery is a good growling commentary letting the lyrics come through enough to be noticed and appreciated. However, at times a cleaner style blended in would be a good addition as ‘Jock Powerviolence’ suggests.

The problem with the album is, partly because of the briefness of tracks and, though not formula, the reasonably similar construction in most songs, that it can all merge into an indistinctive noise which, though is good, becomes an aural blur from where the senses crumble under the grindcore assault. Hard to listen to as one whole package, the tracks do individually work better but for those who love the feel of warm blood dripping from their ears this will be a future classic. “Worthless” is out now on Relapse Records.

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