The roots of Vreid lay in the tragic death of Valfar and the demise of Windir back in 2004. The surviving members decided to carry on and formed Vreid. Over the years the band released a strings of albums, like Kraft (2004), Pitch Black Brigade (2006), I Krig (2007) and Milorg (2009). This year sees the birth of their fifth album, aptly entitled V. Let’s see what their latest output has to offer.

V doesn’t show a major departure from what the band has done on their previous albums. The basis is still formed by (melodic) black metal with some hints of rock, a slice of folk and a couple of melodic guitar leads for some additional spice. Couple this with some rather straightforward song structures and you’ve got a good idea of what you can expect.

Despite their unpretentious and rather basic approach V manage to kick some real dirt. Songs like ‘Arche’, ‘The Blood Eagle’, ‘The Sound Of The River’, ‘Slave’ and ‘Welcome To The Asylum’ are great examples of solid song writing and thanks to some great hooks and choruses they’re quite memorable as well. The occasional folk influences are somewhat reminiscent of the old Windir days.

Sound wise V benefits from a meaty and gritty production. This gives the material on V the edge it needs and it’s dirty enough to add a whole lot of rock and roll groove to it as well.

V by Vreid won’t go into history as a classic record, but it’s as solid as they come. The songs are memorable, the musicianship is tight and this might as well be the finest body of work by Vreid to date.

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