Visions - HomePeterborough based progressive metal five-piece Visions recently released their debut album “Home”, on Basick Records to much acclaim and excitement. The band’s tech metal approach is very reminiscent of bands such as Sikth, and, although quite a bit more restrained they show a similar ability to be able to instantly change direction in a song.  The guitars of Jake Monson and Dan Maywood throw in twist and turns and more than a few surprises throughout the forty two minutes of “Home”. The rhythm section of Dave Evans on bass and drummer Joe Large keep things moving along nicely.

Daniel Bareford shows his impressive range, balancing the usual gravelly shouting and clean vocals used in ‘Attentive; Continuum’ and ‘Desinent’ and his ability to seemingly switch between the two styles at will. ‘Into The Sun’ is a largely different pace to the rest of the album up to that point, although it does build towards the end of the song and ‘Oceans’ has a very quiet instrumental middle section before bursting back into life again. A lot of the songs follow a similar pattern, but there is enough variety here for the more discerning listener.

Guitarist Jake Monson comments: “It’s great to be able to say ‘the album is finished’, we’ve blended a mix of older material with loads of new stuff, so it’s something everyone will enjoy! All we plan to do now is plug the album until you’re sick of hearing about it and tour wherever we can!”

The production, handled by John Browne, Neema Askari and Paul Ortiz of Monuments and Chimp Spanner fame respectively, is clean without being too polished and the mix allows you to hear everything that is going on, and on this record, there is a lot to take in.  It balances well between calming melodic parts and some heavy riffs and vocals. It doesn’t stray too far into either territory by becoming too light or heavy but you know that if they wanted to venture further either way, they could handle it.  And with the backing of a supportive label, they could go far.

Visions is a group of extremely talented young musicians and they have produced and album which has arrived just when the music media and fans seem to be crying out for more technical bands. “Home” should see Visions make a good start to their career, and with the band showing such musical ability at such an early stage is a sign of things to come and will be interesting to see how the band grow on future releases. A young British band on a forward-thinking independent label, with involvement from members of other notable bands from the scene all points to a bright future for UK metal.  The forthcoming “Safer Than Home” tour with Aliases in December will be one not to be missed!

The dates are as follows:
28th September – The Hydrant, Brighton, UK
29th October – Corporation, Sheffield, UK
30th October – Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes, UK
1st October – Lock 42, Leicester, UK
2nd October – Central Station, Wrexham, UK

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