Verse The End - Heavy Hearts & Counterparts EPThere is a new noise to breathe life into rock just as it teeters on the edge of stale. Bursting forth from Hudson Valley, New York, is the impressive ‘Heavy Hearts & Counterparts’ from Verse The End, four tracks that shout out for deserved attention.

The quintet’s own influences are evident throughout and combine to create a blend of pop, rock and metal that becomes their own unique possession. Their debut starts with ‘Garden State Romance’, a track that grabs hold and delivers a heartfelt tale complimented by a passionate and powerful soundtrack of a tune. One thing that soon is clear throughout the songs is that the lyrics are not just a series of rhymes but poetry creating stories of the heart, visual emotional views and when delivered by the vocals of Michael Berean the listener feels part of creation, reflecting and recognising. At times the track has a spice of bands like Fall Out Boy but without the ‘panto’ and with a power they can only dream of playing with.

‘Misery Missouri’ starts off with Jared Laskin’s piano leading the track into view and flows throughout perfectly. His keyboard skills weave throughout all the tracks and bring an elegance to the sound that fits perfectly with the flowing moments of noise and strength that the rest of the band, Bryan Panzer on Drums, Jon Duverger’s bass and the great guitar work of CJ Waldron and Berean.

The songs were recorded with producer John Naclerio, (who has worked with the likes of My Chemical Romance, Senses Fail and Armor For Sleep) and the guys certainly fused well and delivered four gems. ‘Ripe With Envy’ and ‘Scratch The Surface’ complete ‘Heavy Hearts….’ and the standard never wanes from beginning to end.

Verse The End surely are on the verge of something bigger on this offering and I for one will be working on the word of mouth mantra to share them to all that enjoy real music. Check this out and feel the new wind stirring things up in rock.

Verse The End – MySpace page