Venomous Maximus - The MissionLike a bludgeoning but razor sharp sabre the new 12” release from Houston rock band Venomous Maximus pounds upon and slices through the ear with incisive guitars and rampant riffs. “The Mission” is a rampaging beast that bombards the senses with eager aggression and intense energy whilst coaxing and teasing with mesmeric melodies and heart pleasing solos. It is full on pure rock ‘n’ roll to please all stoner, sludge and general rock fuelled hearts, a pulse racing satisfaction for all.

Venomous Maximus bring a stoner flavoured rock sound spiced with veins of sludge and more traditional metal tones to create maybe not the most original result but certainly one of the more inspiring and incessantly irresistible sounds around. The quartet of Gregg Higgins (vocals, guitar), Christian Larson (guitar), Trevi Biles (bass), and Bongo (drums) in this release unveil a tumultuous charge of heavy galloping riffs and flowing tempestuous melodies with intrusive solos that do nothing but satisfy and ignite ones primal passions.

“The Mission” comes as a 4 track 12” vinyl release or as a 6 track CD with the addition of the two songs that made up the band’s previous 7”. Musically the band straddle the likes of The Sword, Black Tusk, and Red Fang with a healthy infusion of classic rock guitars, each song making up the release an enticing groove laden indulgence of the finest kind. Ferocious without being overbearing the EP is as honest as it is raw, an attitude soaked release that carries a dark and ominous feel in intent and lyrically.

The title track opens up the release with a rampaging energy and incessant wave of meaty riffs. The song as is the EP is on the whole low on complications and high on intense deliberate energy to consume and over power the ear and beyond. For all the colossus power the band only inflame the eagerness to fall within their muscular sound, there is never a moment when their hellacious attack becomes any less than wonderfully inviting.

The Rider’ takes over in similar vein but with an added classic rock toned influence. all topped with a blistering solo to endear even deeper. With fringes of High on Fire and Sabbath the song tips its hat with excited melodies before plundering the senses with coarse menacing riffs and a scorching solo, all the while veined by the at times seemingly mocking vocals of Higgins. It has a blues tone that links the classic and sludge like weave perfectly, the song a distinct insurgent pleasure.

From beginning to end “The Mission” is a fresh and appetising mountainous force. ‘The Gift’ reveals a more intricate and varied touch to their composition whilst the exceptional ‘Wicked Ways’ with its razor sharp groove spitting an intent to match the band name both captivate beyond the instantaneous primal riff appeal. The guitars of Higgins and Larson cut deeply with a siren like melodic lure whilst the bass of Biles oozes wonderfully malignant riffs throughout the release. And alongside the skilled stick work of Bongo the rhythms are always driving the music with firm impressive control.

Give Up The Witch’ and ‘The Living Dead’, the two tracks making up their previous single, complete the release and with equal satisfying quality. “The Mission” is a feast for anyone demanding heavy instinctive sounds with a melodic quality to engage more than just the ear. It twists and turns with dense intense purpose without neglecting the irrepressible acute grooves to inflame keen senses, the outcome a release that is as exhilarating as it is immense.

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