Twisted Tower Dire – Make it DarkMetal is not what it once was back in its heyday. The rock stars we revered so much had a huge amount of personality, and their music was larger than life and epic in every way. Many feel that music today, while perhaps technically more progressive and more original, lacks that same amount of gusto and passion. Twisted Tower Dire seeks to bring back the days of yore, when metal was “really” metal. Let’s see how well they accomplish their goal on their latest album, “Make It Dark”.

The title track certainly gets this journey of metal in the style of the genre’s forebears off to a strong start, with an epic blast of a drum beat at the beginning and some screaming Maiden-esque guitar work with a great solo.

The rest of the album has much of the same, being very straightforward power metal showing influences of other bands as well like Judas Priest (Torture Torture) and Black Sabbath.

Lyrically the album is intensely steeped in traditional metal themes as well such as fantastical lands and intense emotions. The songwriting is solid to back the lyrics up, with catchy instrumental work and more blistering solos to follow the one in the opening track.

Production-wise the album is well-done as well, with just the right amount of distortion to give the songs an edge while still allowing the notes and vocals to ring true.

While not terribly original work, the album is overall a great one to listen to and remember the old days, and has something of a “feelgood” vibe to it. Twisted Tower Dire does a great job of attaining their goal of bringing a taste of the good old days back to modern metal.

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Written by Tony Burgio (Alternative Matter)