Turisas are a band that I was pretty late getting into, but for me was worth the wait.  A short set but packed with some of the favourites that have made them a hit on the touring circuit. Always ensuring an entertaining set, they started with ‘March of The Varangian Guard’, the opening track form their recent album, and played six of their finest standards to get the crowd bouncing.

As soon as Turisas appear somewhere, there seems to be a surge in sales of red and black face paint, plastic axes and swords, and these are as always wielded during the set. This was the third time I have seen Turisas, and just as at Sonisphere 2010 and Hammerfest 3, they threatened to steal the show from a few of the bigger names on the bill. ‘One More’ and ‘Stand Up And Fight’ have become live favourites and as ever, the crowd was encouraged to take part.

To finish off a rousing set, vocalist Mathias Nygard split the crowd into two and gave them a word each to chant during the chorus of ‘Battle Metal’, and the crowd duly joined in to help make sure this set finished in style. Whatever your view on Turisas, it cannot be denied that they don’t entertain. An enjoyable departure from some of the more serious bands of the day, and a band I wholeheartedly recommend seeing.

Turisas setlist:
March Of The Varangian Guard
One More
The Great Escape
Stand Up And Fight
To Holmguard And Beyond
Battle Metal

Photos by Sabrina Ramdoyal