Trippy Wicked & the Cosmic Children of the Knight - The Bleak EP“The Bleak” is a reworking of a single 20 minute atmospheric piece of music, that as yet has not been released by Trippy Wicked & The Cosmic Children Of The Knight, into four eerie acoustic songs that last not much more than half that time. This follow up release to the album “Movin’ On”, has been released as a limited edition CD or as a download from the usual places.

‘Nothing’ starts proceedings as it means to go on, a very slow paced song that fits the title of the EP nicely. ‘Restless’ has an almost upbeat sound compared to the previous track, although the lyrics soon set you right on that. Instrumental track ‘The Bleak’ lives up to its name and ‘Separate Paths’ closes this release as it started, with a slow paced lament.

There is a minimal approach to this EP, as the band say themselves “We’ve clicked off the distortion, laid down the drumsticks and put (bassist) Dicky on ice for a little while”. Featuring just Pete Holland on ukulele, horns and vocals and usual drummer Christ West on guitar. This minimal sound works well, and I am intrigued to hear what the full 20 minute noisy version sounds like.

‘An alternate reality rather than a U-turn of style’, is how the band describe this experimental release, and on their website they have assured everyone that normal service will be resumed soon. This is an EP that is worth investigating, and for me was a nice break during a time I have been listening mainly to faster and heavier music. In all honesty I would have got it purely for the name of the band, but that’s just me.

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