Tree Of Sores - Tree Of Sores EPTree Of Sores is an experimental doom metal, power trio from Leeds, who have released their self-titled debut EP through Witch Hunter Records, the EP also features artwork by the amazing artist Black Uroborus.

With this EP Tree Of Sores introduce themselves as a rather classic experimental, but very powerful, band. The ‘Intro’ almost says it all: very heavy distorted guitar riffs, droning bass sounds and heavy drums roll along slowly but unstoppable like a tank.

The powerful sound carries on ‘God Theory’ and ‘Grave’ with each of these compositions keeping the quality high, although they are quite monotonic – but this somehow has a hypnotizing effect that is essential for the music.

The dual vocals are also a key element, the screams of guitarist Matt Faragher and bassist Talia are used very effectively as well as the dynamics. The quieter passages really make sense within the songs, but the faster songs like ‘From Within’ or ‘Sandford’ also work very well too. The EP’s closer ‘Silent Scream’, returns to the slower tempo of earlier tracks but loses none of the power.

Tree Of Sores’ self-titled debut EP is a very good start. The band clearly has plenty of potential, so hopefully their debut album will feature more songs of this high quality.

Tree Of Sores – Bandcamp Page