Mat Davies puts the questions to Trucker Diablo front-man Tom Harte. They talk about the last twelve months for Trucker Diablo, their appearance at this year’s Download Festival, Cry Of Love and not very much about trucks!

Live shows, promotions, recording, a blistering Sunday lunchtime performance at Download festival with an admiring Dee Snider watching from the sidelines. How would you sum up the past few months?

It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster lol, sometimes it hard to keep up.  We all hold down jobs, but Trucker is what we love doing and we want this to be our jobs.  The past few months have been amazing for us and the hard work we put in started to pay off, I hoped and dreamed last year we would be rocking at Download and it happened.  I have been playing music a long time, every rock musician dreams of playing Download and I am so happy I got a chance to do that.

What’s been the hardest part of being in Trucker?

Three of us have kids and balancing your life for the glory of rock and roll can be challenging.  But we have great support from them and the way I see it is, if we succeed they enjoy the success with us.

How are the recording and touring plans coming along?

Being in N Ireland, it makes it difficult for us to get across to the UK all the time, but I would say in 2012 we would be making more appearances than previous years.  We already have one show lined up in Feb. We are waiting (hoping) to hear about a festival appearance as well this year, so fingers crossed on that one.  Back home we have 6 shows so far to do before the end of year, then we will be taking some time to concentrate on writing our second album which will be out next year, but we will pick up some shows along the way I am sure.

You had a great appearance at Download this year- who would be in your ultimate festival line-up?

For me it would be, from the top….
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Black Stone Cherry
Cry Of Love
The Darkness
Blackberry Smoke
Trucker Diablo

What album would you like to have played on and why?

Cry Of Love – Brother…..An amazing band, the album sounds like it was recorded live, four guys in a room laying it down, raw and rocking…It’s an amazing album that I listen to all the time and after 16 years it’s still amazing…

The music business has never felt so crowded or as competitive as it does at the moment- what’s driving you guys on?

Our reason is simple, playing music literally is our lives…There is nothing better that writing songs that people love and can relate to.  We are doing this to try and give our families better lives, we are doing it for friends and fans and we are doing it because we love it.  It’s clear that there is loads of competition but everyone has their own path to travel.  Our road is clear and the Big Truck ain’t stopping 😉

Twitter question: How would you describe what you do in 140 characters or less?

Hard rocking, foot tapping, air punching, head banging, beer drinking, heart warming, regular living rock and roll…

What bands and artists have inspired you in the past and which bands are inspiring you today?

Metallica, cry of love and loads other in the past…I would say these days…Black Stone Cherry, Foo Fighters and still Metallica, not just for their music but work ethic too…

If you weren’t playing in Trucker what band would you like to be a member of- past of present- and why?

Lol keep going back to Cry of Love….Reason, because I would of wanted to convince them to stay together as the original line up and go on to World domination, One album just wasn’t enough…….lol

What’s the biggest misconception people have about Trucker?

Christ I dunno, good Question…Oh yeah that we are Truckers lol… We love the old style muscle cars, Peterbilt trucks, Southern American sound and values but that’s as far as it goes….

What are your hopes and aspirations for the next 12 months?

I would love someone just to look at us for what we are and give us a real chance to do what we love.  Some of the songs we have been writing are big steps musically from The Devil Rhythm, I always say if this what we can do part-time imagine what we can do full-time.  I would like to do a few tours, get noticed and start rocking full times…We have built the reputation of the band on the work we have put in and I hope things continue that way and enable us to push Trucker Diablo to the masses.

TINAS is buying a round: what’s your poison?

I will just have a pint of ale lol, I can drink it by the Bucket…everything else end up with me in heap somewhere sleeping lol

You’re on a desert island- what’s the first record you play?

I think I would have to bang on some Blackberry Smoke…Found them on the internet.  They are a great band from the states, kind like a new Lynyrd Skynyrd but with their own vibe….Instant pick me up….

Final question: David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar?

Hagar all the way……David Lee Scotch Broth doesn’t do it for me!