The Rotted - Ad NauseamDespite having only released two albums, the history of The Rotted goes back to the late nineties. Originally one of the heavy-hitters of UK death metal under the guise of Gorerotted, The Rotted formed from the ashes of the fallen heroes in 2008 as a quintet and later a four-piece. Their debut release “Get Dead Or Die Trying” was released on Metal Blade in 2008 and now the London-based loudmouths are back with their follow-up “Ad Nauseam” on Candlelight Records.

Clocking in at 39 minutes spread across 11 tracks, the pace is (as you’d expect) fast and furious. Opener ‘Anarchogram Sun’ isn’t only a brilliant title, but a full-throttle slap of pedigree UK death metal. The slack bass, the thrashing and pummelling drums working in perfect unison, and some of the best snarls and growls you’re likely to hear anywhere in Britain. The at times doomy chugging riffs, the crunchy breakdown and relentless screaming make this the ideal pit-starter and deliciously deathy opener.

As brutal as “Ad Nauseam” is, it’s also accessible for metal fans who perhaps aren’t too keen on ‘extreme’ metal. ‘Surrounded By Skulls’ is one of the tracks that sounds more like a single as it has a clear verse-chorus structure and the anthemic gutteral growls from Ben McCrow are catchy as hell. Laden with punk and perfect for slamming your mosh down, the punishment your eardrums receive is necessary and enjoyment isn’t optional.

The aforementioned punk influences are scattered across the board and there are even two tips of the hat to the Sex Pistols. Both in the song title ‘Apathy In The UK’ and the lyrics in “Non Serviam” – “I’m not the antichrist, but I am not an anarchist”. Other bands who appear to have a hand in the band’s sound on their new LP include the speed metal legends Motorhead.

Lemmy and co. are given somewhat of an homage in the title of the chaos-ridden ‘Motorbastards’. With simpler music used for the verses, primarily just drums and bass, the chorus is a much bigger, visceral affair with full on thrashing mayhem and gnashing of teeth.

As a band The Rotted are tighter than a gnat’s arse and their precision with solos and big, blasting choruses is showcased throughout the LP. The majority of the quartet have been a part of the British death metal scene for over 10 years and their experience and devotion shines through, and if “Ad Nauseam” is anything to go by, the momentum is guaranteed to keep running for at least another decade.

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