The New Czars are comprised of members who earned their spurs as session musicians for Bruce Dickinson, Alice Cooper, Pink, Courtney Love and Puddle of Mud. The leader and creative force behind this trio is Greg Hampton and his rather eclectic taste in music shines through on the band’s debut album, entitled ‘Doomsday Revolution’…

I don’t mind an eclectic taste in music. When it’s done the right way it usually brings a lot of diversity and originality to the music. ‘Doomsday Revolution’ is a clear example of things conducted the wrong way. For example, ‘Keep on Going’ and ‘Confessions’ sound like a cheap version of White Zombie and Nine Inch Nails while ‘Desperate’ and ‘Why Do U Have 2 Lie’ are somewhat bluesy in fashion, but especially the latter song is incredibly sugar coated. Another source of annoyance that grows through the record are the limited vocal capabilities of Greg Hampton.

The rest of ‘Doomsday Revolution’ is just as mediocre as the first half. ‘Don’t Watch Me’, ‘Time Stops’ and ‘Only Dreaming’ sound like redundant leftovers from the ‘Slippery When Wet’ (1986) and ‘New Jersey’ (1988) sessions of Bon Jovi. ‘Brush With The Devil’ is a weird punk rock styled song, which could have been great if Greg Hampton wasn’t singing on it. The title track ‘Doomsday Revolution’,  is unfortunately again another cheesy White Zombie rip-off. ‘Abstract Prog’, ‘ Had 2 Do It’ and ‘Funky Detour’ sound like an incredibly misplaced attempt to emulate some art rock on the album in the vein of King Crimson and Frank Zappa. Perhaps Greg Hampton should have listened to early Jane’s Addiction to do it right.

‘Doomsday Revolution’ by The New Czars is an incredibly incoherent mash-up of cheesy ideas and even cheaper rip-offs gone completely wrong. My advice: AVOID!

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